Top 5 Attractions You Can’t Miss for a NY Sightseeing Adventure

The Statue of Liberty is a must-see while you're out in NY sightseeing.

If this is your first trip to NY, you must make sure to reserve at least a day to go sightseeing. There’s plenty to do in the city that never sleeps, so deciding which attractions to see can be tough. You’ll need all the time you can get so reserve a NYC limo to chauffeur you around the city. You won’t waste time flagging down a taxi to take you to each destination and you won’t have to worry about getting lost. According to, these are the top 5 attractions you can’t miss while NY sightseeing.

The Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island: The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island represent freedom for millions of people and is a must-see for anyone visiting NYC. You can experience a tour complete with historic details and technical aspects of the statue. Inside the base of the statue there are exhibits, concessions and an observation deck that you have to see.

Central Park: This famous 843-acre park has a variety of recreational activities such as jogging, biking, and a carousel as well as the Central Park Wildlife Center. Don’t miss the 2.5-acre Strawberry Field with the black and white “Imagine” mosaic or the Conservatory Garden.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Met houses over 2 million works of art. The museum displays works from artists all over the world from different genres, styles and time periods. Don’t miss the Cloisters, which displays the museum’s medieval art collection.

Staten Island Ferry: Check out the Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island ferry as well as a magnificent view of the city skyscapers and the Brooklyn Bridge. Best of all, it’s totally free!

The Frick Collection: Once a private mansion, the Frick is now home to a variey of works by Rembrandt, Whistler, Vermeer and El Greco as well as some special exhibitions. There’s also an indoor garden court, breathtaking glass ceiling and stunning water fountain all available for your viewing pleasure.

There’s so many interesting attractions in NY, it’s hard to pick just a few to visit. If you have a few days to go sightseeing and need more suggestions for where your limo driver should take you, read the full list of attractions, restaurants and shopping destinations to visit at


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