All You Need To Know About The St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC

Among all the parades that take place each year in New York City, there is no celebration quite like The St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This vibrant extravaganza is known for its party-like, fun-filled atmosphere. The first parade took place in 1766, and featured Irish soldiers who served in American colonies.

Ever since its beginnings, The St. Patrick’s Day Parade prohibited the use of floats, autos, or other exhibits. The same rule holds true today. The festivities include a little over 150,000 marchers in green attire, holding beer cups filled with legendary Guinness beer.

The celebration begins at 11am on Fifth Avenue and 44th Street, and proceeds up 5th Avenue to 86th Street. The parade comes to an end around 3pm on Third Avenue. Don’t miss the action! Grab a group of friends and head to New York City in a limo party bus.


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