50 Must See NYC Destinations with a Limo Service in New York – Part 5

This is the final 10 NYC destinations to see with a limo service in New York. Enjoy your NY visit and we hope to see you again.

Have a cocktail at Campbell Apartment
This salon which once belonged to the 1920’s railroad tycoon, John W. Campbell, will definitely take you back in time. The  opulent 25-foot ceilings, walls painted with ornate Renaissance-inspired designs, and dark wood detailing in every corner will remind you of those bygone days of NY City. Located at Grand Central Terminal, off the West Balcony, 15 Vanderbilt Ave at 43rd St. Be sure our limo service in New York makes a stop here.

Take a Circle Tour
This year Circle Line Brooklyn and Circle Line Queens feature a cruise to the Statue of Liberty. Let our limo service in New York drop you off at Pier 83 and W 42nd Street and we’ll await your return in the afternoon or evening.

Go to a Yankees, Mets or Giants game

With a recent upgrade of wider seats, more legroom, cup holders for everyone and more concessions, a chauffered ride to this venue is sure to attract some attention. For cheap tix, visit yankees.com; it’s currently offering obstructed-view seats for $5 and bleacher seats for $14. River Ave at 161st Street or call 718-293-4300.

Whether you’re at the concession stands or in your seats, the new stadium’s wide-open design offers a good view of the field from any angle. You can even scope the pitchers warming up in their respective bullpens, and the center-field region is adorned with a mini Hell Gate Bridge. Wee ones will like the 2K Sports FanFest, also located behind center field; it includes a mini baseball diamond, a dunk tank and a video-game kiosk.  Let our limo service in New York drop you and your party off at Roosevelt Ave at 126th Street for a Mets game. Find the game schedule at Mets.MLB.com.

At Giants Stadium, you can catch biggies like U2 while airplanes zoom overhead on their way to Newark Airport. Band members look like ants, and you’ll wait a long, long time for refreshments, but the hot dogs aren’t bad. And because it’s outdoors, it’s the only remaining venue in the Meadowlands complex where you can smoke. Rte 3, East Rutherford. Visit Giants.com

Go to the reading series at KGB bar
Bespectacled lit chicks outnumber apparatchiks in this former Ukrainian social club. The dim parlor-style bar nestled in the second floor of a walk-up has Cold War decor, cheap Baltika beer, whiskey on the rocks and free readings—all of which lure New York’s literary underground, including stars like A.M. Homes and Kathryn Harrison. 85 E 4th St btw Bowery and Second Ave 212-505-3360

Eat pizza at Totonno’s on Coney Island
Don’t leave New York without a taste of Coney Island history at Totonno’s located at 1524 Neptune Ave between W 15th and 16th Streets, Coney Island, Brooklyn. Catch our limo service in New York to this 1924 establishment. The waits may be long, service gruff, but the pizzas are out of this world in taste!

Take the ferry from Wall Street to Sandy Hook beach
The  Seastreak ferry (with onboard bar) departs from Pier 11 on Wall Street for a one-hour cruise past the Statue of Liberty to the pristine and peaceful Sandy Hook beach. No swimsuit? No problem: Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook is the Garden State’s only sand-laden destination for nudists. The Seastreak Ferry costs $40 for a roundtrip from Manhattan. Visit Seastreak.com for more details.

Visit the Studio Museum in Harlem
The original black fine-arts museum more than holds its own in the NYC art scene, thanks to director Lowery Stokes Sims (formerly of the Met) and chief curator Thelma Golden (formerly of the Whitney). Catch the current exhibitions, including a survey of the prolific and highly entertaining performance artist Kalup Linzey, through June 28, and return for an exhibition of British painter Hurvin Anderson and the works of this year’s artists in residence Khalif Kelly, Adam Pendleton and Dawit Petros from July 16. Located at 144 W 125th St between Adam Clayton Powell Jr. and Malcolm X Blvds, Harlem StudioMuseum.org

Ride the Cyclone
It’s still here, and it’s as rickety as ever. The Cyclone is possibly the least confidence-inspiring rollercoaster in the world. (The stripped wooden slats could double as siding in a Manila shantytown.) Riding tip: Posture pays. Sit straight as an arrow and don’t close your eyes; the Cyclone punishes those who hang their heads in sickness. Risk your life on this antique—the bragging rights definitely trump Six Flags. 834 Surf Ave at 8th St, Coney Island, (718-265-2100, ConeyIslandCyclone.com

This is the fifth part of a five part series about the top 50 destinations around New York City with the best New York  City limousine company, Five Towns Limo.


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