Take a NYC Limo to See Great Plays

Take a NYC limo to see great plays

Take a NYC limo to see great plays

Who wouldn’t like to see a play in New York City? New York City theaters are known for showing award winning plays with great actors and actresses. Take a NYC limo and your loved one to see a play in the Big Apple to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here are two great plays that are opening before Valentine’s Day.

  • A Little Night Music: Expect for this play to cause heavy traffic since Tony Award winner Angela Lansburg and movie star Catherine Zeta-Jones will both star. A NYC limo prevents passengers from paying high taxi fares and driving in bad traffic.
    A NYC limo driver will make sure the passengers make it to this performance on time because the critics say no one will want to miss this romantic comedy based on Ingmar Bergman’s film, Smiles of a Summer Night.
  • A View From The Bridge: When there is one great play showing in NYC, there are surely more.  A New York City limo can take passengers to see one play after the other without paying expensive fares. It will be waiting for you curbside when the performance is over, so there is no need to hail a cab. Take a NYC limo to see this dramatic play, which is about a man’s deep love for his niece.

People take advantage of NYC limousine service because they want convenience, low prices and to avoid driving in New York City. Renting a NYC limo from Five Towns Limousines is a great way to start a Big Apple vacation.


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