Put Together a Wild Girls’ Night Out in NYC in the Pink Hummer Limo!

Take the pink Hummer limo out for a girls' night out in NYC.

When is the last time you had a girls’ night out? It’s time to start planning one! Invite your lady friends out for a fun NYC evening in the girly pink Hummer limo. Try one of these funny girls’ night out ideas, let loose and enjoy the company of your best friends.


Alias Girls Night Out: Tell each friend to take on a new name and personality. Have them dress up (a wig really enhances this look) and then go out in NYC as these new characters. Even if you come across someone you know, you are only allowed to refer to yourselves as the new people, and don’t explain what you’re doing to others. Have your pink Hummer limo driver take you to one of these fabulous NYC bars where you can share a drink with the girls.

Taste Test Adventure: Have each friend select an exotic food they have never tried before. Create a list of restaurants in NYC that have each food item suggested. Then have our pink Hummer limo take you to each location to sample new dishes.

International Girls Night Out: Pick a nationality. Then plan the night’s activities around the nationality. For example, if you choose French, everyone in the group must dress French, learn a few French words and try some French activities such as a French manicure, see a French movie or have your NYC limo take you to a French restaurant.

Now that you have a few wild ideas for girls’ night out, call Five Towns Limo today to book your pink Hummer limo and start planning your night! Whatever you do, you know you’ll have the best time!


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