Would You Attend a Singles-Only Wine Tour on Long Island?

Take a fun singles-only wine tour on Long Island.

When you’re single, the world’s opportunities are endless. Although it seems like you can meet new people anywhere at any time, sometimes it can be difficult. After all, we do have jobs and lives outside of dating. Think of how much fun it would be to attend an event where everyone was single too! What would your chances be of meeting someone new that you may want to ask out on a second date? We’d say, pretty high.


Imagine having a fun-filled day on a wine tour of the Long Island countryside, with 49 other singles (both men and women). Not only does it provide you with the perfect opportunity to meet someone who could potentially be your mate, but you are also trying something new and exploring the beautiful Long Island countryside sampling delicious wine and gourmet food too!

So how about it, would you like to meet other singles aboard a party bus and touring the Long Island countryside? We want to know!


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