Save on the Big Night: 5 Ways to Cut Prom and Expenses in New York

Prom is the last formal celebration of being a kid before the adult world comes knocking. It’s that one night of the year where girls get to feel like a princess and guys compete to be the best prince charming.Ask any high school boy, and chances are they will say prom costs so much money for just one night. In the past, guys were expected to pay for all the details except the girl’s gown. Expenses included the dance ticket, dinner, the flower corsage, tux rental and limo. All those expenses can add up fast (especially in the Big Apple aka New York City.)

Times are changing. It’s now more common for guys and gals to go as friends and split the cost of their ticket and limo rental.

Here are some tips to save money on the big night

1. Girls can do their own hair and nails. Practice with different hairstyles before the big night so you’re fully prepared the night of. Pick up a home manicure kit from your local Walgreens, or Wal-Mart. A french manicure will go with any colored gown. Make sure to put an extra clear top coat to avoid chipping.

2. If dinner isn’t included in the price of the ticket, find less expensive restaurants to dine at. Call ahead and ask if there are any special group rates for prom. Some restaurants will offer cheaper options for bigger parties.

3. Shop around and find the best deal on a limo or party bus. Most limousine companies will lower the price per person for the more people you have riding.

4. Girls can shop for gowns in their friends’ closets. See if any friends have dresses worn to other dances. Make a day out of it and play dress up. Prom dresses can get expensive. Add your own twist with accessories to make the dress unique to you.

5. Save money on expensive picture packages. Picture packages can get as high as $70! Go as a group to a nice gazebo in a local park, pretty flowered fields, or a waterfall. Have your parents take pictures of all you striking a pose.

Saving any money helps. Breaking the bank doesn’t have to happen. Prom is a once in a lifetime evening and the memories created will last a lifetime. You shouldn’t worry about prom and limo rental costs. You just worry about how you’re going to do performing the Electric Slide or Personal Jesus.

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One Response to “Save on the Big Night: 5 Ways to Cut Prom and Expenses in New York”

  1. OC Limousine Says:

    Great ideas! And agree, saving any money helps. Of course everyone’s idea of fun is different, so each of us will have slightly different needs, but there are some concerns and ideas that are relatively universal. Here is some advice for guys:
    a) It is customary for the guy to buy a corsage for his date. It can be a pin-on type corsage, or one she can wear around her wrist. It is a good idea to know what color dress your date is wearing so that the corsage you choose doesn’t clash. Most people spend $25-$50 on a corsage. But I have seen as much as $150 spent. Be wise in making your choice.
    b) Most guys wear tuxedos to their Proms. But if you have a nice dark-colored suit, you might be able to wear that, depending on your particular dance. If you rent a tuxedo (which can include shoes) for the evening, the going rate is $50-$150 depending upon what extras you might want. The fancier the tuxedo, the more expensive the price will be.
    c) There will be a photographer at the Prom ready to take posed couple and group shots. Most photographers will take checks with proper ID, or credit cards; so if you have either of these options available to you, it would be safer for you than carrying a lot of cash.


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