It’s a Numbers Game for Charlotte Limo Drives: Long Island Party Bus Drivers Next?

Charlotte, North Carolina limo and taxi drivers are upset about a new rule they say could force them out of business.

Charlotte City Council passed a new ordinance in July mandating that taxis, limos and town cars for hire can’t be older than six years. The previous rule was 10 years.

This new measure goes into effect in July of 2012.

The council claims that when someone gets into a cab, party bus, or limo, an impression of the city is molded. They also said it’s all about the safety of the rider.

How true is this, really?

Would a rider really know if they are traveling in a 6-year-old Long Island party bus versus a 10-year-old model unless there were severe wear and tears?

If North Carolina passed this ordinance, what’s stopping it from happening to Long Island party buses and limos?

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