Single? Celebrate Anti-Valentines This Year With All Your Girls In A Pink Hummer Limo

Valentine’s day is right around the corner. It’s the time of year when lovers parade around the Big Apple showering each other with love and affection. Gross. Let them have it.

If you think Valentine’s Day is just a big sham, a creation of the greeting card industry, or just didn’t catch a date in time, why not celebrate Anti-Valentines with all your single ladies in a Pink Hummer Limo? You can still make this day great by showering yourself and your friends with affection and luxury.

If you don’t have a date, Valentine’s Day can be a great reason to celebrate your independence and feminine strength. It’s not that you couldn’t get a date, it’s that you don’t need one! So round up your single friends, and treat yourselves to a New York Limo this Anti-Valentine’s Day.

A New York City limo service can pick you up along with each of your friends from your homes, take you for a fabulous night out on the town, and again return you to your respective destinations. While out and about in your rented limo, you can enjoy an incredible DVD and sound system to play your favorite anti-valentine’s movies, as well as champagne, ice and crystal stemware. Imagine enjoying the big city scenery from plush leather seats, drinking bubbly with your best girls, and celebrating your Independence.

Your Limo can take you to the casinos, restaurants, hottest clubs, or even on wine tours in Long Island. Each limo driver is extremely familiar with all of New York, and makes for a perfect designated driver after a night of hard partying and celebrating. Who knows, you may start off celebrating this Anti-Valentine’s Day single, but bringing home a date by the end of the night! Book your limo reservation today!


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