It’s Party Time. Grab a Limo. Part 1

pink hummer limoIt’s always fun to get a group of friends together for a night on the town, but the logistics of getting from place to place can be a nightmare. The best way to make an evening with a dozen of your closest friends fun and memorable is by getting everyone together in a limo and going out for a nighttime adventure. It’s classier than a party bus and with the Five Towns Pink Hummer Limousine, it’s a perfect way to celebrate a theme.

If you think about the last time you got together with friends, most likely it was at either someone’s house, a restaurant, or maybe a club. It was probably in one location from start to finish. Or, if your group did happen to move from one location to another, it was probably quite an ordeal (and not to mention unsafe), to coordinate everyone’s transportation in a semi-drunken state from place to place. And hailing multiple cabs for a group of people in New York? Forget about it! But what if you could party in style and go to multiple places while drinking champagne and cocktails in transit? With a Five Towns Limo, that can be your party routine every weekend!


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