Creating Camera Worthy Moments, Your Wedding! Part 1

BrideWedding Days are the culmination of months, if not years, of planning. Every detail, every moment, every song, every color – nothing is left to chance. The painstaking process of planning and coordinating a wedding, no matter how large the venue, can be a daunting and tiring task. A wedding is like the perfect coordination of dominoes. Once one falls, everything that has been planned must be in its proper place.

Any bride or groom will tell you, never leave any detail to chance. Why is it that people often forget about the importance of superior transportation? Not only from a timing perspective, but for the perfect compliment to the event. In fact, your transportation should allow you to leave the pressure of the event behind. On the way to your wedding, you shouldn’t be concerned about last minute details, traffic, or showing up late because you relied on a friend or family member to drive you. Your ride should be a quiet celebration of the culmination of your planning. However, not all transportation or limousine services are created the same, nor should you accept anything less than what you expect for your wedding.

There is NO substitute for style and substance. There is nothing more powerful than a grand entrance or exit. Your day is marked by many defining moments. You, as the bride, should arrive and exit in the most grand and elegant form possible.


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