Prom Season is upon us, NOW WHAT! Part 1


You’ve thought of everything.  Your dress, (or your tuxedo) who will be in your group (best friends of course). Where to go after the prom. You pretty much have everything under control.  Wait, there’s one more thing to arrange, your limousine or in some cases a party bus.  Ok, so let’s discuss limos for your prom.

1. All limousines are not created equal. Your size group should match the size limo you want. The seating capacity should be a tad larger than your group.  This assures that if there are some occupants that are of size, they will fit.

2. All limousine companies are not the same. Before you settle with a particular company ask friends and relatives for recommendations, that’s always the best way to go. However, if you come up with a zero don’t despair. You can Google the company name / reviews. Be guided by these reviews before booking with any limousine company you have no knowledge of.

In Part 2 we will discuss the different limousines available.

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