New Years day in a Luxury Limousine

It is a time of celebration and joy. It’s the time when people affirm their love for one another, wish each other well and hope for a better year ahead. It is about renewed optimism and hope for the future. The New Year has been associated with celebrations of life, death and regeneration in many cultures throughout history. The Babylonians celebrated their New Year around the spring equinox according to the movement of constellations while the ancient Egyptians celebrated their new year on July 20th each year according to observation of Sirius, which they thought was connected to rebirth in life after death (according to mythology). The Romans marked December 25th as a day that represented rebirth or renewal because it was around this time that days started getting noticeably longer again following winter solstice (around December 21). Celebrate the new year in one of our luxury limousines, book early to guarantee your ride. 516-374-2545


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