What makes you Nostalgic?

Nostalgia is a feeling of warmth and happiness that one gets from remembering the past. Nostalgia can be triggered by memories, old objects, or even music. The word nostalgia is derived from two Greek words: nostos meaning homecoming and algia meaning pain or ache. This means that nostalgia has a bittersweet quality to it because they are happy memories mixed with the sadness of them being in the past. Nostalgia can also be categorized as a self-esteem booster because we feel happy about ourselves when we reminisce about our past experiences and feel good about who we were then. It also helps people deal with their current lives by using their flashback to the past to learn more about themselves, so they don’t have to worry as much about what’s happening now because they know how they reacted before, and they trust themselves more now than ever before. Nostalgia can seem like a comforting force that reminds us of how wonderful life was in the past when everything was easier, but it isn’t always seen as a positive thing either since people often use it for escapism which could lead them astray into thinking everything will be okay if only this person does this instead of taking any action into their own hands, leading them further down. We’d love to hear from you, what makes you nostalgic? 


Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

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