Valentine’s Day and Limousines

Valentine’s Day is a day of romance and love. Five Towns Limousine Service will be providing limo service for this day, making it easier for couples to have a memorable time. Valentine’s Day is an international holiday that takes place on February 14th every year. It has been celebrated in many countries around the world since the 19th century and is now considered a hallmark celebration of romantic love among many cultures. Valentine’s Day comes from a British Christian tradition called “Saint Valentine’s Day” that was created by the priest Saint Valentinus in England around 270 AD to honor the martyred priest who was killed by the Roman Emperor Claudius II in 270 AD because he married Christian couples without permission and performed other secret marriages against Rome law at night, including marriages between Christians and non-Christians which were severely punished by death according to Roman law at that time. Reserve your limousine early. 516-374-2545

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