FAQ: What Information Do I Need to Rent a NYC Limo?

Any limousine service in New York will ask you several questions about reserving a NYC limo. Here is some information that you will need when making a reservation for a NYC limo.

1. NYC limo reservation date. You should plan at least a couple weeks, if not more for special events such as a prom, wedding or bachelor/bachelorette event. It is best to have this date written down in advance, so you can reference it while talking to the limo company. You may also want to have an alternate date or time available, in case your first date is not available.

2. Number of people. While most limousines in New York will seat 2-50 passengers, you will need an approximate count so that the NYC limo company can ensure they reserve the right type of limousine for your event. For example, if you have invited 10 people, but only six people have responded, it is best to reserve a NYC limo that will accommodate the initial 10 people. Make a phone call to the NYC limo company the day before your event with the final count to ensure the best limousine is available.

3. Type of limousine and color. If the NYC limo company has several types of vehicles and colors, you may have an opportunity to specify the type of vehicle – standard stretch, super stretch, stretch hummer, Rolls Royce, or party bus – that suits you best. Also, NYC limo companies are now including more color choices in their limo fleet such as pink and yellow in addition to the traditional black and white limousines.

4. Rental hours. If you are planning a special event or even a night on the town, you may want to consider renting a NYC limo longer than a couple hours to get the most from your day or evening with friends in New York City or Long Island. Ask the NYC limo company what the standard rates are for your event, minimum and maximum hours allowed, and cost for additional hours as well as pickup/drop off locations. Rental hours start with the first pickup and end with the last drop off destination, including yourself.

Finally, ask the NYC limo company about their drivers, additional fees, audio/video capabilities with each limo, driver tip rates, cancellation charges and limo rental payment due dates.

Enjoy a luxurious NYC limo with Five Towns Limo, a reputable and professional New York City and Long Island limo company.


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