50 Must See NYC Locations with a New York City Limousine Company – Part 1

The Statue of Liberty is one of New Yorks Popular Destinations

The Statue of Liberty is one of New York's Popular Destinations

Time Out New York lists the top 50 destinations that you can still visit before summer is over, and our NYC limos can take you to each one (well almost every one). Whether you are a native, commuter or just visiting, take advantage of group tours and personal chauffers with our luxurious NYC limos.

The first 10 must see locations in New York City

1. Ride the Staten Island Ferry – Rent a limo for your group from a New York City limousine company to pick everyone up from your hotel or meeting place to the Staten Island Ferry pier. The ferry runs every half hour 7 days a week and is the only non-vehicle ferry in New York City. Call us on your way back or we’ll meet you in Manhattan to continue your NYC tour.

2. Visit Governors Island – Another fantastic free ferry ride will take you to this seasonal island, which once was a military outpost. You’ll also have a fantastic view of the Statue of Liberty. Pack a picnic and your camera, your NYC limo will be awaiting your return.

3. Eat at Shake Shack – Not just another frozen custard stand, the Shake Shack are well known for their sirloin and brisket as well as hearty franks. Wash it all down with a beer or a glass of wine. Although the lines may be long, it is worth the wait. Let our New York City limousine company pick the best location according to your NYC tour.

4. Visit Coney Island – You have seen the pictures of this historic amusement park, heard the stories from your parents and grandparents as well as one of the best rollercoasters on the Travel Channel, but this is truly the best spot to take in a local music festival or stroll the boardwalk. Your NYC limo can drop you and your group off while you reminsce and enjoy the beach and the boardwalk; we will be waiting for you.

5. Eat at Barney Greengrass – A legendary deli that is well worth the wait for gigantic breakfast and brunch platters. The prices may be high, but the portions are even bigger. Let our New York City limousine company pick you up early for a big breakfast or a little later for a filling brunch to get you started with your NY sightseeing day. The deli is located at 541 Amersterdam Avenue between 86th and 87th Sts. Visit their website http://www.BarneyGreengrass.com.

6. Have a drink and listen to music at The Frying Pan – Not quite what you would expect from the name, but this floating lighthouse was once under water for three years while docked in Maryland, salvaged and now a floating bar. A great place to end your day while you watch the sunset or people watch. Try their crab cakes, salmon or other burgers to whet your appetite and taste buds. The Pan is near Chelsea Piers at Pier 66, West Side Hwy at 26th St. Visit their website at http://www.Pier66Maritime.com.

7. Visit the Museum of Natural History – This is arguable one of the largest collections of dinosaur fossils in the world since about 80% of the dinosaur bone exhibits were dug right out of the ground by Indiana Jones- renegade types. You will be impressed by the Hall of  Human Origins from early man, the Neanderthals right to out of this atmosphere in the Rose Center for Earth and Space’s globe to discover 3-D shows of the universe. This is the perfect place to spend a day indoors if the sun is not as bright, or you don’t want to be in and out a New York City limousine all day. The  museum is located at Central Park West at 79th St or visit their website for current displays, days and times open to the public http://www.amnh.org.

8. Check out the P.S. 1 warm up party – Beginning July 4, you’ll be a welcome guest to an array of bands, DJs and a variety of dancers taking center stage in the P.S. 1’s courtyard. Stop by to listen, dance a little or just enjoy the sights and sounds from the comfort of a stretch limo from our New York City limousine company. Drive by 22-25 Jackson Avenue at 46th Avenue.

9. Eat at the Red Hook ball fields – Let our New York City limousine company drop you and your party off at the free ferry to get a sampling of the much loved Latin food vendors at the Red Hook ball fields, where you can sample El Salvadorian pupusas and other pungent taste pleasers. Enjoy a serious game of soccer while you are there. We will meet you at the pier upon your return.

10. Climb to the crown of the Statue of Liberty – Well, we had to save the best NY sightseeing icon for last. Enjoy a panoramic view of the Lady Liberty’s shining harbor for the first time since 9/11. Be sure to call and make a reservation to climb all 354 steps to her crown for an early or late day visit. If it gets too hot, her crown will be open for visitors.

This is the first part of a five part series about the top 50 destinations around New York City with the best New York  City limousine company, Five Towns Limo.


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