50 Must See Locations with a NYC Limo – Part 2

A View of the Cloisters

A View of the Cloisters

This is the second installment of  the top 50 destinations to visit from  Time Out New York before summer is over, and our NYC limos can take you to each one (well almost every one).

The second list of 10 top destinations to see with a NYC limo

11. See the Cloisters – The Cloisters houses the Met’s medieval art and architecture collections and offer a panoramic view of the Hudson River. Reserve a NYC Limo, so you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space or feeding the meter. The Cloisters is also home to the famous Unicorn Tapestries.

12. Visit Roosevelt Island – Once known at Blackwell’s Island and merely held an insane asylum, hospital and a prison, which included a short stay by Mae West. The prison closed in 1935, and after another name change, it became known as Roosevelt Island in 1973. R.I. is now home to about 12,000 people, many of which are internationals living in high rise apartments and luxury condos; flea markets and music festivals adorn the green lawns along Riverwalk Commons during the summertime. You can get there via an aerial tramway or the Roosevelt bridge in an NYC limo.

13. Go to the Metropolitan Opera – Home to the American Ballet Theater, which presents full length classic ballets and contemporary stage plays. Be sure to order tickets well in advance, as you will want to reserve the best seats which are closest to the stage. Then reserve a luxurious NYC limo, so you and your guests feel like you’re amongst famous and popular playgoers . Call  212-362-6000 or visit  www.metoperafamily.org for performances and reservations.

Water Taxi Beach near Long Island City

Water Taxi Beach near Long Island City

14. Drink and dance at Water Taxi Beach – Now a popular spot for beach parties, ping-pong and other interactive group games, you can also sip refreshing tropical drinks or an ice-cold beer. Burgers and fish tacos are also available from the Fish Shack. Visit http://www.WaterTaxiBeach.com for special events, our NYC limo is available to carry your beach and party gear; you won’t have to worry about having too much to drink when you reserve a limo with Five Towns Limousine.

15. Go to Peter Luger for a lunchtime burger – Want to grab a burger while you are out sightseeing in a NYC limo? Order a Luger burger for less than a porterhouse steak, and try the popular Luger steak sauce for an extra kick. Located at 178 Broadway at Driggs Avenue or call 718-387-7400 for daily specials.

16. Visit Ellis Island – No, this is not the same as visiting the Statue of Liberty as many incorrectly assume they are located together. Visit the Immigration Museum exhibitions and see if you recognize any of your ancestors. You don’t have to be red, white and blue to see how some of the first immigrants arrived here in the U.S. There is an audio tour which costs about $10, but highlights some of the history about each exhibit as well as stories from the people themselves. You can rent a NYC limo to take you to the free ferry, we’ll be awaiting  your return. Visit http://www.ellisisland.org for open times and audio tour fees.

17. Have drinks on the terrace at the Met – This is a fantastic location for views of  New York City’s skyline and Central Park. The terrace stays open until 8pm on Friday and Saturday nights, perfect for a glass of wine or beer or a toast to New York with friends.

18. Experience the Bronx Zoo – You don’t have to be kid to visit this nationally known zoo and NY landmark, but you’ll feel like kid when you get to see more than 4,500 creatures big and small. Ride the Skyfari, an aerial tram to get the eye-in-the-sky majestic view of the Bronx Zoo. Reserve a NYC limo to take everyone to the front gate, and not worry about where you parked your car. Located at Bronx River Parkway at Fordham Road or visit http://www.BronxZoo.org.

Wave Hill Vista views

Wave Hill Vista views

19. Stroll through Wave Hill – Once a private estate, you’ll feel as if you are enjoying a fantasy getaway or a luxurious weekend house
Bring your sketchpad, camera or writing journal because the mere cost of $6 you’ll want to capture the beauty of this 28-acre garden and elegant 19th-century mansion with abundant wildflowers and shady pergolas, all welcoming you. Gardens overlook the river and the Palisades, and vistas stretch up to the Tappan Zee Bridge. Enjoy the ride in one of our NYC limos to extend your fantasy daylong getaway.

20. Eat dinner at Per Se – It’s pricey, but if want to be impressed and pampered, then you might be able to afford it. A five star restaurant that you may have to drop your hat at an hour’s notice for your reservation. Expect to pay as little as $200 for a 5 star meal or more if you get dessert and drinks. This is one place you’ll want to splurge and reserve a Rolls Royce NYC limo to take your special someone, maybe propose or celebrate 25 years together? We can take you there and bring you back too. Located at Time Warner Center, 10 Columbus Circle at Broadway, fourth floor  or call 212-823-9335.

This is the second part of a five part series about the top 50 destinations around New York City with the best NYC limo company, Five Towns Limousines.


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