Etiquette Tips to Follow on a Long Island Limo Wine Tour

Knowing the proper etiquette for a Long Island limo wine tour beforehand will enable you and your party to have plenty of fun without feeling nervous about doing something new.

If you’ve never been to a winery or on a Long Island limo wine tour before, it’s nice to know what to expect and the proper etiquette to display while tasting the many different wines the Long Island wineries have to offer. It’s common for many people to have questions about what is polite while inside a winery if they have never been to one or if they are not wine drinkers. Following these tips will prepare you for your Long Island wine tour to make sure you have plenty of fun without offending the local wine makers.

  • In a winery’s tasting room, white wines are generally tasted first, followed by red and then dessert wines. Usually, lighter-bodies wines precede fuller-bodied ones. Water and crackers are usually offered to cleanse the palate between each wine. You may also use the water to cleanse the glass when switching from whites to reds to dessert wine.
  • Proper wine tasting technique: Notice the color and clarity of each glass of wine. Swirl the wine in your glass by rotating your wrist. Smell the wine by placing your nose just over the tip of the wine glass. Notice the different aromas. Then finally, taste each wine carefully by rolling it over your tongue for a few seconds before you swallow. Savor each sip.
  • If the winery has a sheet of tasting notes make sure to read over and see if you notice any of the aromas or flavors listed.
  • Correct wine etiquette doesn’t require you to finish every glass. Wineries provide jars to dispose of excess wine. Don’t feel like you need to sample every wine offered, only taste what appeals to you.
  • If you request a second tasting of a particular wine, while on your Long Island limo wine tour, it’s an indication that you are interested in purchasing the wine. This means it’s pleasant to your palate and a fine quality of wine.

By knowing what to expect and following these tips before embarking on your Long Island limo wine tour, you will feel more comfortable with a new experience and know what to do to get the most out of your day. Five Towns Limo offers luxury limousine tours of the beautiful Long Island wine country, complete with gourmet lunches for your group.


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