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Valentines Day

January 15, 2018

A wine tour on Long Islands North Shore is a wonderful way to surprise your loved one on Valentines Day.  Yes, the vineyards on Long Island are open and awaiting your arrival.  Think how romantic it would be to have a pink limousine from Five Towns Limousines whisk you away for the day.  You make the call (516-374-2545) and we’ll do the rest.  Our staff will book the wineries, stock your limo to your specifications (added cost) from champagne to roses.  One phone call does it all.  Call John and have a chat regarding your very special day.  Book early as reservations are limited.  Be the romantic.


A Couple’s Wine Tour is a Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

January 31, 2013

Long Island White LimoLong Island has a beautifully rich collection of wineries, and one of the best ways to enjoy a romantic weekend (hint: Valentine’s Day is coming up) is with a couple’s wine tour. Five Towns Limousine has been conducting these tours on a regular basis for years, so your wine outing is guaranteed to run smoothly and your driver will ensure you fit in as many or as few wineries as possible. Further, each winery you visit can be custom selected so you can enjoy exactly the kinds of wines you want to taste while enjoying a romantic ambiance.

A day of wine tasting should be fun and stress free. And when it’s with your significant other, it’s even more important to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your partner’s company while someone else handles all the planning. At Five Towns Limousine, your life becomes easier in the following ways:

1.     Designated Driver
After a couple glasses of wine, responsible people typically start to slow down on their tasting activities and excessively monitor their alcohol intake to ensure that they’re able to drive safely from winery to winery, and even home. With a Five Towns Limousine Wine Tour, you’ve got a designated driver who will expertly and safely guide you from place to place. You are free to drink as much as you wish and simply focus on enjoying a romantic day.

2.     Custom Tour Guide
With so many wineries to see, it’s tough to know where to go and how to get there. The experienced Five Towns Limousine drivers have been to all of these wineries countless times. They’ll get you from place to place quickly and be able to provide helpful observations and tips along the way.

3.     Perfect Planning
Not sure how many wineries you can see in one day? Wondering in which order you should go? Curious about where the best place to go for musky merlot is? Again, the Five Towns Limousine drivers are intimately familiar with the layout of Long Island’s Wine Country and what each winery’s specialty is. The drivers will help you perfectly plan your romantic wine outing.

4.     Lunch
Included in the tour is a gourmet lunch that you can enjoy at your leisure. No waiting for tables or rushing a visit to make it on time to a reservation.

With Valentine’s Day just two weeks away, wouldn’t it be nice to do something unique rather than sitting through the same limited dinner menu that a bunch of other couples are suffering through as well?

Know Your Wine Glasses For Your Upcoming Long Island Wine Tours

May 8, 2012

If you’re planning on taking one or several long island wine tours this spring and you’re not exactly a wine expert yet, it may help you to know the different types of glasses wine can come in, and their specific functions. Impress your family, friends, and fellow tour members with your extensive wine glass knowledge!

Wine Glass Material
The best wine glasses are made from either crystal or very thin and preferably blown glass, and must be clear enough to appreciate the color of the wine. The reason behind this is that anything too thick is thought to distort the fine taste; a delicate glass for a delicate flavor. Also thick glass creates a rather thick lip on the rim of the glass, making it harder to properly sip the wine.

Red Wine
The red wine glass has several distinctive features: A very round shape and wide opening to allow the wine to be properly aired out, as well as leaving room for the taster’s nose to fully appreciate the bouquet.

White Wine
The white wine glass is more “U” shaped, as well as taller and more upright. This allows the aromas to be released while maintaining the wine’s cooler temperature. White wine glasses should usually always come with a stem, since you don’t want your hand to come
in contact with the bowl; your body temperature will heat it up.

Sparkling Wine
Sparkling wine glasses are often called “flutes” because of their elongated and upright shape. This allows the carbonation to be retained and the flavor to be captured for the taster’s enjoyment. These glasses are used for champagne as well.

Dessert Wine
To serve dessert wine, the glass is usually smaller in order to allow the wine to flow to the back of the mouth to avoid being overwhelmed with the sweetness. Dessert wines also typically have much higher alcohol content, so serving in a smaller glass is usually a good idea.