Take Mom Out on a NY Sightseeing Trip for Mother’s Day

Take Mom out in a limo for a day of NY sightseeing for Mother's day.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and if you are still stumped on what to get her to best express how much you love and appreciate her, we have the perfect idea. Take Mom out for a fun day of NY sightseeing in a luxurious limousine. Even if you’ve lived in NYC your entire life there’s always new things to see, especially if Mom doesn’t get to experience the magic of the city very often because she’s always working or taking care of you and the rest of your family. If you have a big family, invite everyone along for the ride to show Mom how much you all appreciate her. If you’re an only child and the limo ride would consist of you and your parents, plan an event that includes one or more of Mom’s best friends and their families. Coordinate plans with her friend’s children and spouse in secret so you can each surprise your moms on Mother’s Day with this special experience.

Another fun idea for your family or a group of Mom’s friends would be to schedule a limo wine tour of Long Island. If you’ve already taken Mom NY sightseeing in the past years, a wine tour is perfect to shake things up and really surprise her. If you have a lot of siblings (and are all of age), taking a limo tour is a way you can all fit in one vehicle and not have to worry about anyone being the designated driver. Also arranging a Long Island wine tour for Mom and a bunch of her best girlfriends for an upcoming day would be an fun and thoughtful gift that she would love. Just make a homemade coupon that says “Good for one Long Island limo wine tour with your friends,” with the date and time and put it in a card. She’ll never forget how much effort you put into arranging all the plans so she can have a fun day.

Moms are always doing all the planning, whether it’s a birthday party or a family vacation. For this reason she will especially appreciate your gift whether it’s taking her NY sightseeing or on a limo wine tour because for once, she can just sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.


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One Response to “Take Mom Out on a NY Sightseeing Trip for Mother’s Day”

  1. Claire Anderson Says:

    This is a definitely great way to treat mothers on mother’s day. I did the same thing for my mom a few years ago and it was really worth it. I know mothers enjoy any gift, little or small, but sometimes it is just right to let them know how special they are with a really fancy treat.Great post. This is a really great suggestion for Mother’s day.


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