Tips to Follow When Making Limo Arrangements for a Wedding in NYC

This Rolls Royce limo is perfect for a wedding in NYC.

You know you want to rent a limo for your wedding in NYC. However, what you don’t know is how many to rent, who sits where and who is supposed to organize the transportation. Planning a wedding is hard work already, you don’t need to be stressing about whether or not a limo is booked, proper limo etiquette and limo seating arrangements too. Not to mention, the decision of what kind of limo to rent can be hard as well. Following this guide can help make your wedding planning much easier and the big day run smoothly.

  • Generally the bride’s family organizes transportation for the bride and her bridesmaids to the wedding and the reception. The best man is usually in charge of organizing the transportation for the groomsmen and drives the groom to the ceremony. However, this varies on wedding to wedding, there is no general rule involving a limo for a wedding. It would be acceptable for the bride to book a limo for her attendants and the groom for his. This would probably be the easiest way to ensure all the reservations are made for a perfect NYC wedding.
  • When it comes to choosing the limo, you need to make sure you have one big enough to fit everyone comfortably. Keep in mind that the bride and bridesmaids might be wearing puffy dresses that take up more space. Trying to stuff 10 people into a limo that seats 6-8 is unpleasant and it also wrinkles clothes. If you have a very large group, the Cadillac Escalade limo or the Hummer limo would be great for you, they each seat 12-26 passengers. If it’s a small wedding party, consider renting a Rolls Royce classic wedding limo which seats up to 3 passengers.
  • If possible, meet the driver prior to your wedding day. Having a driver you like, with a familiar face can make a big difference on the special day. Also meeting him or her prior to the wedding day allows you to determine if he or she is professional and friendly. Also make sure there is an understanding about the proper wedding day attire.
  • Ask to see the actual limo you will be provided with on your wedding day, this will give you reassurance that you won’t be disappointed on your special day. Also make sure you have a full understanding of what will be charged to the bill. Many limo companies include gratuity for the driver in the bill so you won’t have to worry about tipping the driver, which is one less thing you’ll have to think about on the big day.

Above all, remember your wedding will be one of the best days of your life that you’ll remember forever. Don’t get too stressed out trying to make every detail perfect because it will ruin the moment. Making arrangements far in advance will help you relax as the big day approaches. When it finally comes, take a deep breath and enjoy.


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  1. Myles Says:

    Beautiful Rolls, I bet it’s a very popular choice with bride’s


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