Take a NYC Limo for a Girls Night Out to See Sex and the City 2

Take a NYC limo to see Sex and the City 2 with your girlfriends this weekend.

For many women, Sex and the City 2 is number one on the most anticipated summer movie list, and it opened yesterday! This weekend is the perfect time to go out, see the movie and celebrate afterwards with your girlfriends. Renting a NYC limo allows everyone to feel as fabulous as the women of Sex and the City and get everyone to each destination together and safe. Here’s how you can plan a girls night out that everyone will remember.

Call up at least 6 girlfriends and tell them they must clear their schedule this Saturday night for a girls night out. Tell them you’ll be taking a NYC limo to see the ultimate movie for NY women, Sex and the City 2.

After you’ve figured out how many of your friends can go, book a NYC limo for the night. Try the white Chrysler 300c Limousine or the Lincoln Town Car Limousine if you have at least 6-10 passengers. If you have 12-26 passengers, book the Pink Hummer, it’s the perfect vehicle for the occasion.

Look up the movie times at the theater closest to you. Try to get a movie time around 7:00 or 7:30pm. That way you can have dinner first and still have time to go out later.

Have everyone meet at your house around 4:00 pm, and make dinner reservations for 5:00 pm at one of your favorite downtown restaurants.

After dinner, arrive to see Sex and the City 2 in style in your NYC limo. After the movie, have the professional driver take you and the girls out on the town for drinks and dancing. You and your friends will never feel more like the girls of Sex and the City. With a NYC limo driver, no one has to worry about driving home, everyone can rest assured they will be safely transported to each destination and dropped off at home when the night is over.

So what are you waiting for? Start calling your girlfriends and getting this fabulous plan in order. Your girlfriends will thank you for organizing the night and everyone will love having the chance to do something special together. Don’t forget to bring the camera and take plenty of photos!


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