5 Reasons to Rent a Party Bus in New York City

Rent a party bus to make your next New York City outing even more fun.

Does it seems like you and your friends are always sitting around trying to find something to do? Do you spend every Saturday night at home watching movies? You work hard during the week and you deserve to have some fun when the weekend rolls around. That is just one reason why you and your friends should rent a party bus for a fun night out on the town in New York City. Here’s a few more.

  • To celebrate a birthday. What better way to celebrate a birthday than a night out with all of your friends? Whether you’re celebrating a sweet sixteen or throwing a friend a surprise 40th birthday party, a party bus is a great way to transport all your friends around New York City for dinner, dessert and dancing. Sounds like the perfect way to make anyone’s birthday a special one that everyone will always remember.
  • To transport a large amount of people. Whether you’re just going out to blow off some steam and have a fun night out with a large group of friends or you’re transporting a huge wedding party, a party bus is a great way to get everyone from one part of New York City to another safely and all together. If you’re going out clubbing, you won’t need to worry about anyone getting lost in the city because you’ll have a meeting place, the bus!
  • You and your friends will not have to argue over who is going to be the designated driver on your big night out. Renting a party bus means everyone will get to and from your destinations safely and everyone can let loose and have as many drinks as they want.
  • For a road trip. Renting a party in New York City doesn’t mean there has to be a party. Think of how fun a road trip would be in a huge bus filled with food, drinks, music and a huge group of your friends. Sounds like more fun than lame road games and listening to a book on a CD.
  • For corporate events. Renting a luxurious party bus will impress corporate guests that may be coming from an outside town. It’s a great way to treat them as a VIP while you’re getting ready to woo them at an expensive dinner.

As you can see, there are many reasons to rent a party bus in New York city. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, Five Towns Limo has a party bus for every occasion.


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