Finding a Hotel to Choosing an Airport Limousine Service: Travelling to NYC 101

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New York City is America’s biggest urban district and attracts millions of tourists every year. If you’ve never been to NYC before and don’t know any locals to show you around, you could end up spending more money than needed and actually missing a lot of great things about the city. If you are travelling to the city, follow these tips that cover everything from finding the right hotel to booking the best airport limousine service in NYC.

When to visit: Although NYC is great any time of year, the spring time may be the best time to visit, especially if you are a fan of the outdoors. Visiting Central Park in the spring time is a great experience because you will get to see nature come alive again after a long winter. However, the fall is also a great time to visit because it’s not too hot or cold and you’ll be able to see the colorful leaves change and fall. There are still many outdoor activities to experience in the fall as well. The winter (November-late January) is when the hotel prices are the cheapest. The city is beautiful during the holiday season, with decorations and lights illuminating the streets.

Where to stay: The closer you are to the center of Midtown and Times Square, the more expensive your hotel accommodations will be. You can find lower prices on hotel rooms on the outskirts of Manhattan, which is only a subway ride away from Midtown or anywhere else in the city. The average hotel price is about $250 a night, where centrally located hotels average about $400 or more per night. Stay at a cheaper hotel room but splurge on a luxurious airport limousine service to get you to your NYC hotel.

Getting around the city: There are plenty of transportation methods around the city. However, for a day of sightseeing in NYC, rent a limo to take you to all your destinations. It’s easier than hailing cabs and your driver will be able to function as a tour guide and make sure you see all the important spots while you’re visiting. You won’t get that experience taking a cab or subway.

What to do: There are tons of cheap things to do in the city. Look in the back of the pages of newspapers like the Village Voice or Time Out New York for daily listing on what’s happening around the city. There are also hundreds of art galleries (with free admission) throughout SoHo and Chelsea that showcase paintings, photography and sculptures.


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