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Business Travel Doesn’t Have to Mean Inconvenience… Especially in NYC & Long Island

October 25, 2011

You’ve booked your flights and hotels well in advance for your next business trip, but the thought of ground travel upon arrival seems more troublesome than it’s worth. While renting a car might seem like a good idea, hotels often charge for overnight parking. If you’re traveling to a large city, in-town parking fees can add up, as well. Cabs seem like viable solutions, but their tardiness is something that you can’t deal with when working on a strict schedules. Remove any out-of-town traveling doubts you may have with our NYC corporate limousine rental, providing you comfortable and reliable transportation when you need it most.

Contact our Long Island limousine company for business that will happily pick you up from the airport. Start your trip right and let the driver worry about your transportation requirements. He or she knows the city better than you do, so provide an itinerary for your entire trip. Besides your important business meetings, ask the driver for advice on local restaurants and entertainment options during your stay .

Travel in style and arrive on time to your destinations. If you’re in a hurry, you don’t have to find parking spaces and navigate through unfamiliar territories. Leave your traveling requirements to a professional while you enjoy your comfortable ride.

Host your business meetings inside your private limousine. Who says you need to rent out a conference room in a hotel in order to meet with your clients or partners? Handle business quickly in the convenient open space of the limousine’s rear passenger area. Sometimes business on-the-go is better suited for everyone’s needs, therefore your limousine rental for New York City or Long Island NY provides a timely solution.


Back in Black: Plan Would Reduce Federal Limousine Use

July 20, 2011

Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK) released a new report called “Back in Black” that outlines how the Federal Government can reduce the deficit by $9 trillion dollars over the next 10 years while balancing the federal budget.

Reduce the Number of Limousines Owned by Federal Agencies

In the past two years, the Federal Government’s limousine fleet has grown 73%. The government owned 238 limos in 2008, but by 2010, that number reached 412.

The State Department fleet grew from 65 limos in 2008 to 259 in 2010. The most common type of limo purchased was a Cadillac with a base price of $60,000.

If the Federal Government reduces the number of limousines back to the 2008 levels, $115.5 million dollars can be saved over 10 years.

Reduce Non-Limousine Federal Vehicle Fleet Budget by 20 Percent

Currently, Federal Agencies own or lease over 662,000 cars, vans, sport-utility vehicles, trucks, buses and ambulances. According to the Government Accountability Office, these vehicles consume about one million gallons of fuel per day.

Reducing the federal vehicle fleet by 20% will save the federal government $5.6 billion dollars over 10 years.

How will NYC and JFK limo service be affected? Only time will tell.

Read the full article on, a portal for sources of  information impacting the Federal community.

Airport Limousine Service in New York Answers Your Transportation Needs

June 1, 2011

All the details with traveling can cause a headache – especially if your traveling for business. One of the last things you want to worry about is how you and your colleagues are going to get everywhere. Finding transportation once you land at the airport can be a hassle. Eliminate your transportation worries by taking the stress out of renting cars, looking for parking, and driving around town.

Whether you’re flying into LGA, JFK, or Long Island Airport, limousine service in New York is the way to go. The chauffeurs are familiar with Newark airport transportation, Mac Arthur Airport and all other airports serving the greater New York City area. Only the most current technology to monitor gate information to inform you of any travel changes is used.

It doesn’t matter how many people you’re traveling with, there’s the right size vehicle for your needs that will meet you at the most convenient location to assist you with your luggage.

We Offer Services to all Major Airports Including Newark Airport Transportation

Relax, or conduct business while you’re driven to your destination. You had a long flight. You don’t want the stress of maneuvering in heavy traffic, or finding adequate airport parking.

You’ll be greeted at the airport terminal with a sign with your name on it. If you need to meet a client, or business partner, the limo can meet you at curbside, saving you both time and money. Your driver will always be in touch with you via cell phone.

So, whether you need JFK, Long Island, or Newark airport transportation, limousine service in New York is available. Go ahead. Sit back and relax during your ride. You deserve a break.