Bridal Gifts: Creative Ways to Relax on Your Wedding Day in New York Part 2

This is part 2 of our 2 part series on choosing gifts for your bridal party. For more suggestions on bridesmaids’ gifts, read part one here.

Creative Baskets
You know your bridesmaids’ tastes and the things they like and don’t like. Find elegant baskets from a local craft store, or shop and fill them up with some of their favorite scents. If one of the girls likes roses, create a basket stuffed with rose potpourri, rose scented candles, bar soap and body spray. Place fake roses in the basket for an extra touch. Your bridesmaids will feel special that you took the time to create a personalized basket tailored to each of them.

Ride in Style
A relaxing, reflective day with you and your bridesmaids is the perfect way to create a sense of calmness and just enjoy each other’s company before the big festivities. Offer to pay for the limo transportation on the day of the wedding in NYC so the girls can get dressed together and minimize wrinkling of their dresses.

Maybe you want to include taking everyone to the ceremony, from the ceremony to reception and then home after the reception. Ask your limo service in New York if you can save money with a pickup/drop off service only.

Choosing the right gift for your bridesmaids doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just be creative and thoughtful. Your bridesmaids aren’t participating in your wedding to receive a gift; they are standing by your side because they love you.  Don’t fuss over the details. They know how much you appreciate them.


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