Fight the Gas Pump: Party Bus in New York Available for Groups

It’s that time again. Memorial Day weekend is approaching, the summer travel season is right around the corner, and gas prices are still soaring. The up-and-down market makes it hard to know how much to expect to pay for gas for a summer trip.

For many, Memorial Day weekend travel is an annual custom. This year, AAA projects 34.9 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more for the holiday–which is up 0.2 percent from last year.

If you’re planning a special weekend with friends, you need special transportation. That’s what services for a party bus on Long Island, New York provides.

Why let gas prices hold you back from having a fabulous night out on the town? Getting to your destination is half the fun. It doesn’t matter if you need a limo bus in New Jersey for 15 people, or for 50 people in NYC. Don’t worry about spending money on gas. Worry about how you’re going to celebrate the holiday weekend safely out with friends.

Ride in the perfect vehicle to get you where you want to go, in style.


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One Response to “Fight the Gas Pump: Party Bus in New York Available for Groups”

  1. Limousine in Long Island Says:

    Nice blog, party bus limousine service in New York is become the prime choice to enjoy the parties, this service is the available every ware in nyc. Limousine in long provides quality and comfortable group limo party bus service to enjoy parties in style.


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