6 Tips in Planning a Successful Long Island Limo Wine Tour

Planning a Long Island wine tour can be challenging if you’ve never done it before.

Here’s 6 tips to help guarantee an amazing experience for everyone!

1. Pick a Region – Once you choose your winery region, pick the wineries within that area. Call and ask if there are tasting fees and verify the tasting room hours. Most wineries are open from 11am to 5pm daily, but a few are only open on weekends, or by appointment only.

2. Pick a dining location – It’s easy to find delicious places to dine. You just need to decide what kind of cuisine you would like. If you don’t want to eat in a local restaurant, pack a cooler and picnic basket and leave it in your Long Island wine tour limo. When you feel like taking a break from your wine tour, find a shaded grassy hill to enjoy lunch.

3. Be prepared – If you plan on purchasing wine while on your tour, you should consider bringing an extra cooler to store the white wines that you buy.

4. Don’t wear any fragrances while on your Long Island Wine Tour. Smell is a huge factor in how wine is perceived.

5. Take notes – It’s okay to bring a notebook to take notes of the wines you tasted. Write down your favorites for future reference, or the ones you didn’t really enjoy.

Do Not Worry About Driving on Your Long Island Wine Tour

6. Leave your worries at home – Don’t worry about driving after tasting wine all day. A Long Island limo takes the worry out of having a designated driver after your day of wine tasting. It’s the perfect solution for your wine tour and the best way to see the scenic East End of Long Island. Get home safely with all your wine purchases and memories of a relaxing day.

A visit to the East End of the Long Island wine region is a wonderful experience that includes the aroma of all types of wine. While you enjoy chauffeured Long Island limo wine tours, take notice of the golden hills lined with rows of grapevines and the long cobblestone drives that lead to hidden wineries and tasting rooms.

Don’t forget to have fun! Try all types of wineries. You never know the exciting time you can have on your Long Island wine tour!


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2 Responses to “6 Tips in Planning a Successful Long Island Limo Wine Tour”

  1. Toronto Airport Taxi Says:

    Great post, wines in Long Island are among best in world. Its a very unique way to spend quality time by reserving a limo in Long Island for wine tours.


  2. Andrew Spinoso Says:

    I have a limousine / party bus company in San Diego, Ca and we’ve found that wine tours are usually the best way to spend a Saturday. I would also like to add that if the winery is offering drink tickets. It’s wise to split buying your tickets with a couple friends. Taste the wines and if you feel one is perfect for you than buy a bottle! I always try to steer my passengers in the right direction. San Diego, has a bit different climate but I’m sure the wineries are just as pretty and delicious.


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