Will New York Limos Become Electric Cars?

It’s no secret that the transportation industry is changing. We’ve seen and read about all types of cars transforming into new, one-of-a-kind limousines.

Simpler days of black stretch, or hummer Limos being seen all over the streets are slowly sizzling out.

Cedar Lake, Indiana, is joining in those changes. The Town Council approved a grant that enables it to buy an electric car.

That’s right, a full-electric car!

Cedar Lake is one of 13 Lake County municipalities selected to receive the grant. The town will use the grant to obtain a Think car, which has a travel capacity of nearly 100 miles per electrical charge. The grant means the town will pay only $10 in town money toward the car.

Is this really what transportation is coming to? Will the basic New York limousine that we’ve become accustomed to fade out and become replaced with new, electric vehicles?

Get more details on nwitimes.com.


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