Out with the New York Limo. In with the Limousine Luxury in a Longer Leaf?

Companies are starting to build limos out of any type of cars lately. Stretch a Corvette? Maximize a Mini? Super size a SUV? You got it.

But, stretching a Nissan Leaf? Apparently, it can happen.

Imperial Coach Builders of Springfield, Mo., will begin making Leaf conversions this month with an eye toward supplying zero-emission limos to green-conscious fleet customers.

Stretch Leaf Limos are Hitting the Market

The Leaf had to be torn apart to figure out where it could be cut in half without interfering with the battery structure. The company is working with Liberty Electric Cars, an electric-vehicle conversion firm in the United Kingdom, to help with this.

Until then, a standard New York limo, or party bus will still be the special transportation for your special occasion.

Read the full article on CNet.com.


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