Perfect Your Next New York Trip With a Long Island Wine Tour

One of New Yorkers favorite attractions are Long Island wine tours.  A limousine service will pick you and your friends or family up from the airport, your hotel, or any location of your choosing.  You can sit back on plush leather seats and enjoy delicious wines and the beautiful Long Island scenery while your luxury vehicle driver carries you from winery to winery.

The East Coast of Long Island stretches more than 120 miles into the Atlantic.  The island’s maritime climate, geography, and soil conditions have resulted in exceptional quality wines. In the last twenty-five years the region has grown from one small vineyard to over 3,000 acres of vines.  Despite its youth, the region is quickly becoming one of the favored North American wine regions, and a hot itinerary item when visiting new york.

The maritime climate and glacial soils create a particularly unique terroir which produces absolutely irresistible wines.  We have long, warm summers on the island and cool breezes off the Long Island Sound and Atlantic to temper the heat.  The island produces pretty much every wine style you can imagine, but is best known for its crisp, dry whites produced from Savignon blanc, Chardonnay, Chenin blanc and Pinot Grigio.  As for reds, the region offers elegant Merlots, as well as fruitier Merlots and Pinots.  A number of notable sparkling wines and champagnes are produced here as well.

The Long Island wine tour is a complete package. You get to sample many delicious wines from several wineries, learn how the cool Atlantic winds have shaped the fruit, and experience the breathtaking landscape of the island firsthand.  All from the comfort of a limousine.


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