5 Reasons To Go On a Long Island Wine Tour This Spring Part I

If you’ve ever been on a wine tour before, you know that it is an unforgettable way to spend the day with family or friends in the lap of luxury. What could be better than drinking superb wine, out in a gorgeous countryside, with a limousine to take you from winery to winery in style and comfort? Here are five reasons to go on a wine tour this spring. If you’ve never been on a Long Island wine tour, then that should be reason number one.

1. Relax – If you’re like us, a glass of wine at the end of a long day can definitely help you relax. Imagine what a full day of drinking wine can do! You are guaranteed to be treated to only the most delicious wines, and for aspiring wine aficionados there is no better place to learn than where it all happens! The Long Island wine area is a lush and gorgeous countryside; you can only imagine how perfect it would be to sit and admire it with a glass of the region’s finest wine in hand.

2. Season – It is usually the fall or summer months that are the busiest for Long Island vineyards, due in part to the industry’s seasonal nature. But our tip is to book your tour for the spring. Not only is the weather a dream, but you’ll find that your stops will be less crowded, and your time more comfortable and pleasantly intimate. Perfect for that honeymoon or anniversary coming up!

3. Safety – Booking a wine tour means making sure that you are taking the safest route, with an experienced designated driver who knows the countryside well. And although wineries are accustomed to having “dump buckets” where the D.D. of the group can spit out the wines they taste, you don’t want to have to lose a member of your party to that! Having your tour booked with a Long Island wine tour limo eases any stress and eliminates the worry of transportation.

For the last two reasons why you should book your Long Island wine tour this spring, stay tuned for the next post!


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