The Best Bachelor And Bachelorette Parties Happen On A Party Bus

Get ready. 2012 is going to be wedding mania. People have been popping the question over the holidays, and springtime wedding season is nigh. If you’re going to be planning a bachelor or bachelorette party in New York City, you need an NYC party bus, pronto.

A party bus is the best place to have a bachelor/bachelorette party for a number of reasons. First, it has way more cool gadgets than anything else on wheels; this isn’t your regular old school or charter bus. It’s got up to 8 flat screen TVs, a kickin’ sound system, laser lights, black lights, start lights, strobe lights, fog machines, a full bar, a restroom, leather seats and more. This is a club on wheels, people.

It doesn’t just take you to the hottest clubs and bars in the city that never sleeps, (ask your driver for suggestions, they know the best ones!) – but it can also be the destination for the party a.k.a. party central by just parking it somewhere. You don’t even have to leave the bus!

These buses are roomy enough to fit up to 50 people, there’s plenty of space to get up and walk around (a.k.a. dance) and it comes equipped with – wait for it – your very own stripper pole. And no one has to miss out on the fun, because with a party bus you have an automatic D.D.! Get crazy. But get crazy on your own private party bus, where no strangers can see your crazy.

If you’re still debating, that means that you’re straining to find reasons why not to rent a party bus in New York City or Long Island. It’s the best way to guarantee good times and unforgettable memories for all, without stress or worry.


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