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Pink limousines for the holidays

December 9, 2017

Treat yourself to a NYC holiday light show tour in a Pink Hummer or Escalade from Five Towns Limousines. You’ve sent out your holiday greeting cards, presents are wrapped, lights on and around your house are ablaze.  Dinner invitations are sent and your awaiting RSVP.  Children are anticipating the arrival of ST Nick. Don’t forget to leave some milk and cookie.  Time and effort abound with arranging for that special day for you and the children.  Take a moment and treat yourself and your loved ones to something special during this festive time of year.  A Pink Limousine NYC Tour, will be a memorable event that will last forever.


Headed To Atlantic City? Hire A NYC Bachelor Party Limo For The Ultimate Luxury Experience

March 13, 2012

We’re all familiar with the perception of Las Vegas being a mecca for bachelor and bachelorette parties, if only because of the movie The Hangover. If you and your boys are planning a Bachelor Party, Atlantic City is truly the Vegas of the East Coast. Atlantic City offers all the features of Vegas, and more. And you can enjoy it all from the plush leather seats of your NYC bachelor party limo. Here’s a few tips.

Start The Party Early
Your limo driver can pick you up on the day of the party and carry you and your buds in the finest of luxury. You can indulge in a few spirits on the way to Atlantic City while watching the game, listening to a whopping sound system, or brushing up on your blackjack skills.

Hit The Casinos
It’s always a good idea to have a set amount of “playing money,” and leave your wallet in the limo so that you will still have plenty of cash for the gentlemen’s clubs later. Hit any of the many Atlantic City gambling venues for non-stop James Bond-style action. Each casino has a different theme and each is extremely hospitable.

Hit The Town
After you’ve burned out or hit it big, you’ll probably have worked up quite a thirst. This is when it’s time to hit the nightclubs, or one of the many Cabarets and Steakhouses. Enjoy a quality steak with the company of the most beautiful women, and your closest friends.

After your night out, your driver will transport you safely back to the city or to a hotel of your preference. Why head home when you can stay another day and enjoy the beaches, the racetrack, or an awesomely bromantic charter fishing adventure?

How To Rent A NYC Bachelor Party Limo

March 9, 2012

What better way to make a bachelor or bachelorette party completely unforgettable, than to hire a limousine service. A limo can be a great way to coordinate a night out, and provide a designated driver who is intimately familiar with the new york city streets to carry you and your party from point A to point B safely, and in superb luxury.

However, hiring a limousine service can be confusing, and the procedures are not common knowledge. Limousine companies exist on a spectrum of quality and customer service from extremely poor, to world-class. Here are some instructions to help you navigate the hiring process so you have the best NYC Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Limo experience.

1.     Decide on your budget. How much is each person in the party willing to chip in? How much can you afford? Depending on the company the length of the ride and the style or size of the vehicle can vary greatly.
2.     Find companies that fit your needs. Make sure the company offers an appropriate vehicle for your party. It’s always a good idea to see it in person before making the reservation.
3.     Decide how long the party will last. Most companies charge by hour, so if you know in advance how long you’ll have the limo, it will help negotiate the best prices.
4.     Proof of Insurance. The company should be able to show you their proof of insurance to protect their passengers.
5.     Booking Confirmation. Once you’ve booked your party with the limo service they should send a confirmation to guarantee you the vehicle you requested.
6.     Make sure that it is not a shared ride. In some cases people have rented limos only to find that it was booked with another party and you have to ride with strangers. It sounds odd, but it happens.
7.     Cancellation policy. Most companies will charge a penalty or refuse to give a full refund, depending on how far in advance you cancel.
8.     Confirm. Always call two days prior to the event to confirm your reservation.