It’s Bowl Season – Have Your Tailgate Party on a New York Party Bus!

Not ready for Football season to be over? Thank goodness for Bowl Season! Now you can continue to indulge in bratwurst and beer and snacks and football glory! And if you’re planning on organizing the next tailgate party for your friends and family, consider the possibilities of having said party… on a New York Party Bus!

First things first, it’s got the word “party” in it. You know that’s legit. Second, if you’ve never been on a party bus before, you should definitely get acquainted. It does a lot more than act as designated driver. These things are built to suit any size party; whether it’s just a group of 15 of your best boys, or all 50 of your friends and family members, there are buses to accommodate any and all. Think the word “bus” makes it sound lame? Think again. Many of these “buses” come equipped with up to a 42″ plasma TV, DVD player, and a whopping sound system. Depending on what bus you choose, you could be looking at a fully stocked bar, complementary beverage service, crystal stemware and glasses, black lights, neon lights, and a restroom. It’s a club on wheels, people, outfitted with custom designed lounge- style interiors.

Whether you’re just on the bus for the ride and the experience of it, watching the game from a place of luxury and comfort, or your NYC party bus is serving as the DD for your game-watching pub crawl, you can bet that it will be an experience to remember.


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