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Celebrate Saint Patty’s Day With A NYC Party Bus Rental

March 1, 2012

Irish or not, Saint Patrick’s Day is a day for all to celebrate. Most people don’t know the true story of Saint Patrick’s Day or why we even celebrate it. Saint Patrick was believed to have been kidnapped and sold into slavery at the age of sixteen. In order to survive, he turned to God for strength. After escaping slavery to France, he became a priest and spent the next thirty years establishing churches in Ireland. For this reason he is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland.

Most of us know Saint Patty’s day as the day to wear green, eat delicious Irish food, and of course drink massive quantities of Green Beer! This Saint Patty’s Day follow these tips for the ultimate Irish experience.

1. Wear Green!
Naturally, you don’t want to get pinched this year! Luckily, you can go as subtle or extreme as you like. Find a green accessory or clothing item to incorporate into your Saint Patty’s outfit. A green tie, t-shirt, or even a simple green pin or button is all you need to avoid getting pinched, so make sure you have something green in you outfit this year.

2. Enjoy The Food & Beer
From bangers and mash to cabbage rolls, Irish food is some of the best the world has to offer. Many places around New York will be offering traditional Irish fare and of course, the (in)famous green beer, so you can indulge to your heart’s delight!

3. Reserve Your Party Bus
A NYC party bus rental is hands down a must for celebrating Saint Patty’s day this year. You don’t want to be held back as a designated driver, so hire someone to do it for you! Splitting the cost of a Party Bus across twenty or more people is a great way to ensure a fun-filled Saint Patty’s Day. Each party bus comes with flat screen TVs, a whopping sound system, and fog and light machines so you can create the perfect ambience for your party.

4. Attend The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade
The New York Saint Patty’s Day parade is Saturday March 17th from 11am-5pm and is a must-see to add to your party bus tour. After a full day of drinking, eating great food, wearing green and showing your Irish spirit, there’s nothing better than settling in to watch the parade and celebrate Ireland and Saint Patrick!


Make Your Fraternity Excursion The Bomb With a NYC Party Bus Rental

February 29, 2012

Class is back in session for the spring semester and you know what that means: spring break is just around the corner! It’s never to early to start planning your fraternity’s spring break trip. Will you and your brothers be venturing to the sun-soaked beaches of Jersey? Regardless, you can make this trip the wildest party anyone has ever experienced with a NYC party bus rental!

With a  party bus, you don’t have to wait to get to the destination to have fun. In fact, many people find the party bus itself to be the fun destination! Many people have opted to rent a New York party bus for tailgating and just park it by the stadium. The party bus can be the fun spot in and of itself!

Now, when most people think of the word “bus” they picture the yellow dog bus that used to take them to school back in the day. The party bus is nothing like that. When you rent a party bus, you are literally renting a party on wheels. Each bus is equipped with two 42″ plasma screen TVs, a DVD player, and a thumping sound system. And since open container laws don’t apply to party bus passengers, each ride comes with a fully stocked bar and complimentary bottle service with crystal stemware and glasses. This might be a nice step up from the red solo cups you and your brothers are used to.

Finally, the party bus has tons to offer in terms of ambiance. Black lights or neon lights can help set the mood. Some buses even offer a “vertical safety pole” with a weight bearing capacity of one to two 120-pound coeds.

Needless to say, as one of the officers of your fraternity, you have a duty to show the underclassmen how to throw a party. By hiring a new york city party bus, you will ensure that your fraternity has a fully-mobile party that people will be talking about for decades to come.

It’s Bowl Season – Have Your Tailgate Party on a New York Party Bus!

February 15, 2012

Not ready for Football season to be over? Thank goodness for Bowl Season! Now you can continue to indulge in bratwurst and beer and snacks and football glory! And if you’re planning on organizing the next tailgate party for your friends and family, consider the possibilities of having said party… on a New York Party Bus!

First things first, it’s got the word “party” in it. You know that’s legit. Second, if you’ve never been on a party bus before, you should definitely get acquainted. It does a lot more than act as designated driver. These things are built to suit any size party; whether it’s just a group of 15 of your best boys, or all 50 of your friends and family members, there are buses to accommodate any and all. Think the word “bus” makes it sound lame? Think again. Many of these “buses” come equipped with up to a 42″ plasma TV, DVD player, and a whopping sound system. Depending on what bus you choose, you could be looking at a fully stocked bar, complementary beverage service, crystal stemware and glasses, black lights, neon lights, and a restroom. It’s a club on wheels, people, outfitted with custom designed lounge- style interiors.

Whether you’re just on the bus for the ride and the experience of it, watching the game from a place of luxury and comfort, or your NYC party bus is serving as the DD for your game-watching pub crawl, you can bet that it will be an experience to remember.