Celebrate Saint Patty’s Day With A NYC Party Bus Rental

Irish or not, Saint Patrick’s Day is a day for all to celebrate. Most people don’t know the true story of Saint Patrick’s Day or why we even celebrate it. Saint Patrick was believed to have been kidnapped and sold into slavery at the age of sixteen. In order to survive, he turned to God for strength. After escaping slavery to France, he became a priest and spent the next thirty years establishing churches in Ireland. For this reason he is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland.

Most of us know Saint Patty’s day as the day to wear green, eat delicious Irish food, and of course drink massive quantities of Green Beer! This Saint Patty’s Day follow these tips for the ultimate Irish experience.

1. Wear Green!
Naturally, you don’t want to get pinched this year! Luckily, you can go as subtle or extreme as you like. Find a green accessory or clothing item to incorporate into your Saint Patty’s outfit. A green tie, t-shirt, or even a simple green pin or button is all you need to avoid getting pinched, so make sure you have something green in you outfit this year.

2. Enjoy The Food & Beer
From bangers and mash to cabbage rolls, Irish food is some of the best the world has to offer. Many places around New York will be offering traditional Irish fare and of course, the (in)famous green beer, so you can indulge to your heart’s delight!

3. Reserve Your Party Bus
A NYC party bus rental is hands down a must for celebrating Saint Patty’s day this year. You don’t want to be held back as a designated driver, so hire someone to do it for you! Splitting the cost of a Party Bus across twenty or more people is a great way to ensure a fun-filled Saint Patty’s Day. Each party bus comes with flat screen TVs, a whopping sound system, and fog and light machines so you can create the perfect ambience for your party.

4. Attend The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade
The New York Saint Patty’s Day parade is Saturday March 17th from 11am-5pm and is a must-see to add to your party bus tour. After a full day of drinking, eating great food, wearing green and showing your Irish spirit, there’s nothing better than settling in to watch the parade and celebrate Ireland and Saint Patrick!


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