What Are You Doing This Weekend? How About A Long Island Wine Tour!

If you are struggling to come up with weekend plans, exploring Long Island’s many wineries makes for a fantastic excursion. The Long Island wine country is one of the youngest wine regions in the world, and is quickly growing in popularity as a dominant wine haven. New York is edging up to the number three spot for best wine states, right behind California and Oregon. In 1973, this region only had 17 acres of vineyards. Today, they are estimated to be more than 3,000 acres producing some of the best wines the world has ever tasted.

Stretching 120 miles into the Atlantic, the region’s maritime climate, soil characteristics and island geography make for excellent conditions to grow the world’s best varietals. Over fifty wine producers on the island are open for public tours and tastings.

Since Long Island is a suburb of New York, the wineries can easily be accessed by car, but the best way to tour is with a professional wine tour limo service. You will be able to sample your wines as you are driven in perfect luxury from winery to winery, perusing the best Merlots, Cabs, Chardonnays, and Rieslings the region has to offer. You will get a glimpse into how the wine is actually produced, and what climactic and production factors give it it’s unique flavor.

Every Long Island wine tour service is run by a licensed and professional driver, so you can taste as many wines as you want! You will ride in absolute comfort on plush leather seats, watching the gorgeous landscape as it passes by your window. Or if you prefer, every limo has flat screen TVs and an incredible sound system to complement your winery experience.


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