Why book a limo from Five Towns Limousine for Purim and its history

A traditional celebration that commemorates the Jews’ victory over their enemies, Haman and his allies, during a time in the Persian Empire known as “The Story of Purim.” The enemies had planned to exterminate all Jews on the 13th day of Adar, which is why this holiday is also called “The Fast of Esther”. Purim celebrates the Jewish people’s victory against their enemy Haman and his allies. It takes place at night on 14th day of Adar and lasts until 2nd day of Adar. Purim celebrates two important things: The first is how Mordecai was able to save Queen Esther and her cousin Hadassah from death by revealing that they were Jewish; this led to Haman being executed on King Xerxes’ orders. The second thing Purim celebrates is how Queen Esther convinced Xerxes not to kill all Jews living in Persia because they are innocent people who have done nothing wrong. King Xerxes did agree with Queen Esther, which meant that he would allow the Jewish population to be destroyed if someone found out about their identity instead.

Celebrated in the Jewish communities by both young and old. Costumes are the norm for the 2-day celebration. Groups of young people solicit donations from the Jewish community. These donations are given to charities to help the less fortunate. This is a very happy time with participants dancing in the streets and music, in celebration of this glorious holiday. So why book a limo with Five Towns Limousines? We supply safe transportation that is so important during this happy time. Pictured are participants in the Five Towns area of New York, (future pillars of our community, for sure). http://www.FiveTownsLimo.com


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