ST Patrick’s Day in NYC and Five Towns Limousines

In America, one of the most popular National Holidays is St. Patrick’s Day. This festival falls on March 17th and is celebrated by people from all around the world. It was started by Irish immigrants in America and became popular due to their influence on American culture. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated with a parade in New York where participants are permitted to wear green clothes, drink alcohol, dress up as leprechauns or other Irish stereotypes like Elvis Presley impersonators or people wearing Leprechaun costumes or even as state officials like George Washington for example. The St Patrick’s Parade is an event that starts at 11 o’clock and lasts for two hours during which people are expected to wear green clothing, drink alcohol (for those who are old enough) and dance their hearts out while they enjoy the festivities going on throughout the streets of New York City. The end point of this parade can be found in Brooklyn which marks the beginning of a different parade that lasts until 10 pm while it travels through some parts of Manhattan before ending at Central Park South between 5th Avenue & 6th Avenue near Columbus Circle where there will be live music performances as well as food stands selling Irish food all day long including corned beef sandwiches, corn beef hash. There is no better time to book a luxuriously appointed limousine during this time from Five Towns Limousines. Sit back, enjoy, and watch the festivities unfold around you while sipping your favorite cocktail while being pampered by Five Towns Limousines.

Photo by Vlad Vasnetsov on

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