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Long Island Party Buses and Limos Welcomed all Hours of the Day?

August 19, 2011

Riverside Boulevard in Manhattan has a new law – cars cannot be parked on the street from 6am-4pm, but limo services can.

A two-block stretch of parking space was recently converted to a limousine-only lane, allowing black cars to wait at curbside, protected from tickets by red signs newly installed by the city’s Transportation Department.

Although dedicated black-car zones aren’t that unusual in front of New York’s office buildings, they’re not common in residential areas.

The move came after many complaints about black cars double-parking in front of residential buildings on Riverside Boulevard.

A New Law in New York is Creating Mixed Reactions

Long Island party buses and limos that pick up passengers by arrangement is a perk of the corporate life, so why should the every day person be affected by it?

Package delivery trucks, mail vehicles and any car that’s not a limo, are now going to get ticketed for double parking since the lane is now a dedicated limo zone.

The newly-painted lanes are causing mixed reactions.

The Transportation Department said residents had complained that double-parked cars were a danger to traffic passing along Riverside Boulevard.

Only time will tell if this new law will be a challenge, or a step in the right direction for New York traffic.

Read the full article in The New York Times.


4 Tips to Help Pick Out the Perfect Party Bus in Long Island

August 8, 2011

Are you looking to have an awesome time in Long Island?

Then choosing the right party bus is important to guarantee a great time on your special day.

With so many choices available, you need to make sure your Long Island party bus is the right fit for your function, or celebration.

Here’s 4 tips to help you choose the perfect Long Island party bus

1. Don’t always go for the cheapest option. One of the biggest mistakes people make when deciding on a party bus is going with the cheapest option available. Remember that cheap isn’t always the best.

2. Make sure you choose the right size. Get a head count of how many people are joining you on your night out, and choose the next size up. It’s always better to have extra room to stretch out, relax and store big purses and bags. If others decide they want to join you at the very last minute, you’ll have plenty of room to welcome them.

Neon Lights Help Make for a Great Time in Your Long Island Party Bus

3. Double check what accessories and perks are included. Don’t be surprised when you step inside your Long Island party bus. You need to decide what’s important to you when renting a party bus for the night. Whether it’s having a plasma TV, complementary beverage service, black and neon lights, or a restroom, make sure you’re getting what you pay for.

4. Figure out the rental hours. You want to make sure you rent your Long Island party bus for a long enough time. You don’t want your party to end early because you have to take the bus back. Verify with the company on how many hours of fun you have.

Find the Perfect Party Bus in Long Island

Make your night as memorable as possible by riding in comfort and style in the perfect Long Island party bus.

Your special day deserves special transportation.

Christmas in July in Long Island: Party Buses, Delicious Drinks and More

July 14, 2011

365 days is way too long to wait for Christmas.

Beat the heat this summer by hosting a Christmas in July party to inspire cheer with family and friends!

Tasty Food Sides

Even though it’s a Christmas celebration, it’s summer, so your food and side dishes can still be BBQ, or picnic finger foods.

1. Green beans with bacon and onions: This side dish will be a hit with your guests thanks to the flavorful bacon and sauteed onions added to an old classic, favorite food – green beans!  Sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top for extra flavor. Plus, you can argue that you chose this dish for the color green!

2. Fresh melon, strawberry and granola parfaits: Cool off your party with this sweet treat. Cut up fresh honey dew and strawberries, and create layered parfaits using vanilla yogurt. Sprinkle in sweet granola throughout for the ultimate desert. Your taste buds will thank you!

Stay Hydrated With Yummy Christmas Drinks

Very Merry Drinks

Make sure your guests stay hydrated during your summer party! These Christmas in July drink recipes will help.

1. Coconut and pineapple surprise – This green drink will not only be Christmas colors, but remarkably refreshing:

A. Coconut Rum
B. Melon Liquor
C. Banana Liquor
D. Pineapple Juice
E. Sprite

*Equal parts of alcohol, fill glass with pineapple juice, top with sprite and enjoy!

2. Christmas Kiss – This nonalcoholic drink will quench your thirst and add festive flair to your party.

* Strawberries, kiwis, raspberries, oranges, blueberries, orange and pineapple juice

* Fill glass with both juices and garnish with all the chopped fruit. Add a sweet-flavored candy cane for extra party flair.

* For an alcohol version, mix a little Amaretto or flavored vodka to truly pack a punch.

Finishing the Night

Once the sun sets, it’s time to really celebrate Christmas in July. Head to your local bar for some tasty green and red drinks. What better way to travel with friends than in a Long Island party bus?

Unwind after a long day in the sun by jumping in a festive party bus to finish the night out with friends. After all, your special day and celebration deserves special transportation.

Cheers to a great Christmas in July celebration!