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Plan Ahead for Your Once in a Lifetime New York or Manhattan High School Prom with Our Classy Limousines

October 7, 2011

When planning a special event — especially a wedding or any other once-in-a-lifetime occasion like your NYC or Manhattan high school prom — a limousine or party bus provides a helpful transportation service. Take away the stress of navigating through a crowded city or foreign territory and let somebody else drive, especially if alcohol is involved. Cabs may seem like great options at first, but many times they are unreliable and extremely uncomfortable (not to mention smelly!) for passengers. Hire a premium New York area limousine or bus service to handle all of your logistical needs for a fun and safe experience.

You’ve been planning a weekend retreat with your longtime friends for months now. The total trip will take about two hours by car, but coordinating transportation for a party of 40 or more people has been troubling. The party bus provides a viable solution for such a situation, allowing ample room for all passengers to move about during the lengthy journey. Additionally, you can get the party started much earlier with this mobile party center.

Take full advantage of a limousine service in the Manhattan or New York City area for a luxurious ride that provides your convenient travel needs. Don’t worry about leaving your car in a parking lot during an extended business trip or vacation. Hire a limousine service to drive you to and from the airport in style, leaving your troubles at home where they belong.


Book a Party Bus to the 3 Most Hilarious Comedy Clubs in NYC

April 8, 2011

Looking for a good laugh? New York City has a great line-up of hilarious comedians sure to make you chuckle! Grab a group of friends and take a party bus to one of the funniest comedy clubs in New York City.

Here are the top three comedy clubs in New York City.

  1. Comedy Cellar: Some of the greatest comedy stars to hit the stage have appeared at the Cellar, including Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld. Because this club features an intimate setting, reservations are required. Oftentimes, comedians will ask audience members to participate in their acts.
  2. Stand-Up New York Comedy Club: Located between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue, Stand-Up New York is one of the best live comedy venues in town. This club gets packed on weekends, and is known to feature some of the greatest, well-known headliners in comedy.
  3. Gotham Comedy Club: Ever since the mid-90s, Gotham has been known for its stylish red interior, making it appear like a club coming straight out of the 20s. This club is a great place to see your favorite stand-up comedians. Along the walls are portraits of some of the greatest comedians in history.

Take a Party Bus to Visit These 3 New York City Haunted Houses for Halloween

October 22, 2010

Rent a party bus with your friends this Halloween and visit these haunted houses in New York City. Photo courtesy of:

Get into the Halloween spirit this weekend! Gather a group of friends, rent a party bus and have the driver take you to these three awesome New York City haunted houses. It will be a screaming good time!


Blood Manor: 542 W 27th Street between 10th and 11th Avenue. This eerie haunted maze aims to give you a constant scare-fest with incredibly detailed scenes and character costumes. According to Time Out New York, the actors are believably threatening and the sharp attention to detail makes each room interesting. Tickets: $33.50-$45.

Vortex Theater’s NYC Halloween Haunted House: 115 W 27th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue. This haunted experience is not for the faint of heart. Each person travels through the house alone wearing a face mask and carrying a flashlight. To add to the scare-factor, the actors actually touch you. Tickets: $15-$30.

Nightmare: Superstitions: Noho Event Center, 623 Broadway at Houston Street. The premise of this haunted house involves a creepy asylum filled with crazed patients who were committed after common superstitions (think stepping on cracks or a black cat crossing your path) came true. Each room is based on a superstition and the horrific consequences. Tickets: $15-$100.

Looking for even more NYC haunted houses for your party bus limo driver to take you to? Visit