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3 Tips for Choosing the Right NYC Limo for Your Occasion

June 25, 2010

For a night out in NYC for a bachelor party, the white Escalade luxury limo is a great choice.

So you’ve made the decision to rent a NYC limo. Now the only problem is figuring out what kind of limo to rent. Limousine companies often have many different kinds of limos, ranging from party bus limos to wedding limos. How you choose your limo will depend on a few factors. Ask yourself these questions and use these guidelines to choose the correct limo for your special occasion.

How many people do you have in your party? If you have a small party of two, such as the bride and groom at their wedding, you will want to choose the Rolls Royce wedding limo that seats up to three people. If you have a medium sized party, you should try the Chrysler 300c luxury limousine that seats between 6-8 people. For a huge party you may want to try the Hummer H2 limo or a Motor Coach luxury limo party bus, depending on the occasion.

What is the occasion? The NYC limo you choose depends greatly on the occasion. For instance, if you are renting a limo for a bachelorette party, the pink Hummer H2 limo is a must-have. For a bachelor party, the yellow or white Hummer H2 is a great choice as well as the Motor Coach luxury limo party bus if you have over 26 passengers or the Cadillac Escalade luxury limousine if you have between 12-24 passengers. For a night out in NYC with all of your friends you must rent the Motor Coach luxury limo party bus, complete with ice bins, glasses and flutes as well as a CD sound system, TV and DVD player. There are also occasions that call for limos when you don’t care to be flashy, such as a funeral. Many people rent limos for the family of the deceased person to ride in. For this situation the black Lincoln Town Car limo would be a good choice.

What is your price range? Obviously the more people, the larger the limo, the more expensive it will be to rent. If you are planning to get a group together and rent a limo for fun, figure out how many people are coming and split the cost so you are able to rent a limo that can accommodate everyone. If you are planning a wedding and need a limo, make sure to get the correct size and style that fits your budget. If you want a more intimate experience for two, the vintage Rolls Royce wedding limo is great for just the bride and groom, then you can arrange for your wedding party to be transported in a white Lincoln Town Car limo or the Chrysler 300c luxury limo.

The style of the limo all depends on what occasion you are renting it for, the price and how many people you need to accommodate. So whether it’s a wedding, business event, night out, prom or funeral, make sure you study the limo models, how many people they seat and keep your budget in mind. When choosing the limo company, make sure to read reviews from other customers and ask for testimonials. Following these guidelines will surely get you the correct limo for your special occasion.


From Flowers to Limos: 4 Dos and Don’ts for a Summer Wedding in NYC

June 17, 2010

Book a vintage Rolls Royce wedding limo for your special day in NYC.

According to, 13% of weddings take place in June, which make it the second most popular month for weddings. The third and fourth most popular months are July and August. There are plenty of reasons why many people would like to get married in the summer; the weather’s nice, you can have an outdoor wedding, and it’s easier for out-of-town guests to make it to the event. However there are some downfalls of summer weddings, like the heat, the bugs and the potential summer rain. To prevent potential problems, from the limos being late to the flowers wilting, here’s a list of dos and don’ts for a summer wedding in NYC.

Do choose light clothing. No bride wants to be sweating in her dress with her makeup running down her face on her wedding day. Choose a light fabric that breathes, such as silk for a summer wedding, especially if it’s going to be outdoors. Many brides have been choosing shorter skirts lately, which is perfect for a summer wedding. The groom should wear a light linen suit and nice leather sandals. For an even more relaxed look (perhaps for a beach wedding), the groom can wear khakis and a button-down shirt and the bride can wear a fancy sun dress.

Don’t choose flowers that will wilt in the heat. Choose hearty flowers with a waxy texture such as Hawaiian blooms like orchids. Ginger halcyons, birds-of-paradise, and tiger lilies will survive the heat as well. Some brides choose water-submerged flower centerpieces featuring orchids. These keep cool underwater all day so wilting is not an issue.

Do remember to book a superior limos for your wedding day in NYC. Since summer weddings are very popular, the best and most popular limo companies book dates several weeks to months in advance. To make sure you have the dream limo for your wedding, book as early as possible. For an intimate and romantic experience, reserve a vintage Rolls Royce wedding limo just for you and the groom.

Don’t forget to provide shade or A/C for your guests. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, a shaded seating area is a must. Some tent rentals include portable A/C units which is great for guests who are all sitting close to each other on a hot summer day. People are not in the mood to party when they’re too hot and uncomfortable; you don’t want your crowd to turn on you or have the only memory of your wedding be “it was so hot!” Make sure there’s bottled water scattered around the event site and don’t schedule your wedding to begin midday because that’s when the sun is the hottest. Instead, schedule dinner for sunset and plan everything else around that.

Following these tips will help you plan the best summer wedding possible and prevent any potential problems before they arise. Remember to plan ahead to avoid unnecessary stress and enjoy the beautiful gifts this season will bring you and your new spouse.

Complimentary Wine and Wine Tour Rain Checks

June 14, 2010

Five Towns Limousines is offering complimentary wine for its clients who book a wine tour with them, (one bottle for every 5 people booked).

Additionally, if you pay in advance for your wine tour with your credit card and the weather does not cooperate, you can request (at least 24-hours in advance ) for a rain check and Five Towns Limousines will change your tour date (depending on availability) no questions asked.  So book your next wine tour with confidence. Five Towns Limousines will assure you that the sun will always be shining during your very special day at the vineyards on Long Island’s East End.