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Make Your Fraternity Excursion The Bomb With a NYC Party Bus Rental

February 29, 2012

Class is back in session for the spring semester and you know what that means: spring break is just around the corner! It’s never to early to start planning your fraternity’s spring break trip. Will you and your brothers be venturing to the sun-soaked beaches of Jersey? Regardless, you can make this trip the wildest party anyone has ever experienced with a NYC party bus rental!

With a  party bus, you don’t have to wait to get to the destination to have fun. In fact, many people find the party bus itself to be the fun destination! Many people have opted to rent a New York party bus for tailgating and just park it by the stadium. The party bus can be the fun spot in and of itself!

Now, when most people think of the word “bus” they picture the yellow dog bus that used to take them to school back in the day. The party bus is nothing like that. When you rent a party bus, you are literally renting a party on wheels. Each bus is equipped with two 42″ plasma screen TVs, a DVD player, and a thumping sound system. And since open container laws don’t apply to party bus passengers, each ride comes with a fully stocked bar and complimentary bottle service with crystal stemware and glasses. This might be a nice step up from the red solo cups you and your brothers are used to.

Finally, the party bus has tons to offer in terms of ambiance. Black lights or neon lights can help set the mood. Some buses even offer a “vertical safety pole” with a weight bearing capacity of one to two 120-pound coeds.

Needless to say, as one of the officers of your fraternity, you have a duty to show the underclassmen how to throw a party. By hiring a new york city party bus, you will ensure that your fraternity has a fully-mobile party that people will be talking about for decades to come.


Make Your Prom Unforgettable With A New York Prom Limo

February 24, 2012

The Spring season is just around the corner, and it’s never too late to start planning and preparing for your Senior Prom. For most seniors, prom is one of the biggest nights of their lives! You get to dress fancy, get your hair done, and dance the night away in a classy ballroom with all of your friends. In this post we’re going to cover a few tips to make your night truly extraordinary.

1. Bring a camera
Sure, sure, your school’s prom committee undoubtedly has hired a photographer, but you don’t want to sort through a bunch of pictures of other people to find the few that were taken of you and your friends. Don’t forget to bring your camera, or several! It’s not every day that you get dressed up or spend a lot of money to have your hair done up just so. It would be a huge waste not to capture those moments of looking your best and having fun with your friends on camera.

2. Plan your night
Get together with the friends you will be going to prom with and plan out your night. Most people choose to pick a fine restaurant before going to the prom and finally to the after party. Plan out your night thoroughly with your friends and hire a limo service to get you there. There is hands-down, no better way to arrive in elegance and luxury than with a new york prom limo. Additionally, by hiring a limo service, you have an automatic designated driver to keep you and your friends safe on your special night.

3. Coordinate with your date
Guys, ask your lady what color dress they’re going to wear. And ladies, tell your guy what he’ll be wearing. By coordinating your wardrobes for the evening you’ll come out with the best possible prom photos to help you remember this night forever.

Are you getting excited yet? You should be! Prom is a blast, and with a New York City prom limo it’s bound to be spectacular!

Best Man Duties: Renting The New York City Party Bus Limo

February 22, 2012

Well, it’s happened. Even though he swore up and down to a life of adventure and bachelorhood, your best friend is finally settling down with his one special lady. And he’s picked you to be his best man! Congratulations, this is a big honor.

Now, there’s no need to stress about your best man duties. If you’re proactive being the best man can actually be a lot of fun. Your job is to help make the groom’s life easy, and also throw one bad ass party for him before he puts his bachelor lifestyle behind him forever. Here are a few things you can do to be a great best man.

1. Plan the bachelor party
Now depending on the groom’s preference (and the bride’s for that matter!) you may have to be highly selective on where this bachelor party might take place. It’s always a good idea to check with the groom about gentleman’s clubs and the like to make sure he’s comfortable with it, and to ensure he’s not going to be in the doghouse on his wedding day.

Plan something that suits your friend’s tastes. Many of the best bachelor parties occur in hotel rooms or include bottle service at a hot night club. Perhaps you should get with the bride’s maid of honor to see if the girls might like to have a joint bachelor-bachelorette party together. This way you can mingle with the bridesmaids before the wedding!

2. Rent a New York City Party Bus Limo
When you show up at each member of the bridal party’s house and they see a New York City party bus limo, they know they’re going to be in for a fun night. The new york city party bus has every amenity you can imagine from a full service bar, to an on-board bathroom, and even an upright “safety bar” in case your party gets to that level. The party bus can accommodate up to fifty people, so regardless of the size of the bridal party the bus itself could be the location.

3. Prepare your speech
Finally, prepare your best man’s speech. Remember keep it simple, and straight from the heart. Don’t be too harsh on the bride or the groom, and always say “Congratulations” to the groom and “Best Wishes” to the bride. Trust me, their mothers will notice, and appreciate it.

So you see, there’s not much to it. Being chosen as a best man can be a great honor and a lot of fun, and with your new york city party bus limo you’ll help your friend exit bachelorhood in style, class, and fun!