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Make Your Sweet Sixteen Spectacular With Pink Hummer Limousines

April 25, 2012

If you are a diva and your sixteenth birthday is coming up, you know you want it to be the biggest party any of your friends have ever seen. You want to arrive in the lap of luxury, like a true princess entering her court. Nothing says Teenage Royalty like arriving to your sweet sixteen celebration than with one of a fleet of pink hummer limousines.

When it’s your sweet sixteen celebration, you simply have to pull out all the stops. Every limousine comes with a licensed, professional driver who will drive you and your party all over town and wherever you need to go. Most limos come with an incredible sound system, a sun-roof, and complimentary sparkling grape juice so you and your friends can indulge in the finest luxuries on your sweet sixteenth.

Some girls prefer a nice night out on the town with their closest friends, while others prefer a huge ball to wow their entire school. Regardless of your tastes, a pink hummer limo can be an incredible transportation option, as well as making for an amazing entrance. Perhaps you can hire some of the cute boys at your school to make a human staircase for you to exit the pink hummer limousine like Cleopatra of the Nile. Alternatively, you and your friends could enjoy dancing in the sunroof and in the backseat as your driver carries you wherever you want to go.

So the case is clear, if your sweet sixteen is coming up, beg your parents to get you a pink hummer limo. You will truly be the Belle of the Ball when you arrive in your hot pink limo.


3 Unforgettable Things To Do In New York: 1. Ride In a Pink Hummer Limo

April 17, 2012

New York is known for its many attractions: Central Park, Broadway, the millions of fine bars and restaurants. But, there is also a side of New York that most people never see. Here are three interesting things to do in NY to make you feel more alive!

1. Ride In a Pink Hummer Limo
Nothing captures the true New York experience like touring the city streets in a pink hummer limousine. You can enjoy a flute of sparkling champagne from the plush leather seats of your ride, watching one of several flat screen TVs or listening to a top of the line sound system. Open the sunroof to wave at passersby or party the night away. Every limo comes with a licensed, professional driver to get you home safely even if you close down the clubs at 4 am.

2. Pillow Fight NYC
Five years ago, Pillow Fight NYC went global and New Yorkers are still finding it difficult to grow up! The seventh annual International Pillow Fight Day will be celebrated this year by an estimated 5,000 pillow-wielding New Yorkers at Union Square. Where else can you hit a stranger in the face with a pillow and get away with it? Wear your favorite PJs to really make an impression and let your inner child out for some much needed playtime!

3. Drink On The Rooftops
New York is famous for its skyline and impressive views. What better way to enjoy it than from a bar on top of one of the city’s many skyscrapers. This is a great way to enjoy the New York sunset or just take in the city from above!

With your pink hummer limo and a solid plan to seek out the unusual and unique New York experiences, you are guaranteed an incredible vacation!

For The Perfect New York Arts Week Experience, Rent A New York Prom Limo

April 9, 2012

For art lovers and collectors, New York’s world-renowned Armory Arts Week has become the can’t miss event of the New York art scene. Since it started in 1999, it has ballooned into one of the world’s best showcases of new art from around the world. The Armory Show at Piers 92 and 94 presents the best galleries from around the world, causing everyone from casual fans to avid collectors to descend on the New York waterfront for a week of Art, fine dining, and independent films.

When planning your New York Arts Week experience, there is simply no better way to complement your experience than with a New York prom limo. Every limo comes with plush leather seats, flat screen TVs, and a whopping sound system so you and your fellow art lovers can relax in total comfort as you move from art show, to dinner, to after party. Whether you’re an NY native, or it’s your first time in the big apple, nothing makes the experience complete than seeing the bright lights and big city while sipping champagne from the plush leather seat of your limo.

Many of this year’s art shows offer wine, beer, and champagne as you peruse the galleries and check out the different pieces you want to add to your collection. Once you’ve hired your New York limo service, you don’t have to worry about attempting to drive. Every licensed chauffeur is an expert in his territory, and is the best possible option for a designated driver.

For this year’s Art Week, don’t make the mistake of trying to travel to the piers by taxi. Instead, hire a New York limo so you can ride in style and luxury.