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Pink limousines for the holidays

December 9, 2017

Treat yourself to a NYC holiday light show tour in a Pink Hummer or Escalade from Five Towns Limousines. You’ve sent out your holiday greeting cards, presents are wrapped, lights on and around your house are ablaze.  Dinner invitations are sent and your awaiting RSVP.  Children are anticipating the arrival of ST Nick. Don’t forget to leave some milk and cookie.  Time and effort abound with arranging for that special day for you and the children.  Take a moment and treat yourself and your loved ones to something special during this festive time of year.  A Pink Limousine NYC Tour, will be a memorable event that will last forever.


Prom Day

March 25, 2015


Your  children are going to college and are all grown up. You’re very proud of their accomplishments and optimistic about their future. One of many milestones that will accompany them throughout life is their PROM NIGHT.  So here you are beaming with joy and teary eyed, watching them turn into the responsible  adults you had hoped and prayed for.  Your daughter is beautiful in her gown, your son, handsome in his tuxedo. You’ve done your very best raising your children and within a blink, they’re off to the prom. WAIT a minute, can we seriously  talk? There are just a few more things we need to discuss about  prom night.  The biggest thing most prom goers are into,  is drinking alcohol before and after their prom reception.  You should know that almost all limousine companies forbid any form of illegal substance in their vehicles. If it is found, your children will loose their limousine for the night.  Zero tolerance has been embraced in all of the high schools throughout the NY area regarding illegal drinking.  The local police, in addition to The New York State Department of Transportation, The Taxi and Limousine Commission of NYC, Westchester and Nassau counties, are all on full alert during prom season.  They are stationed at the prom reception locations, inspecting limousines and party buses as they arrive.  They  search these vehicles for  any illegal substances and  if found the vehicle is confiscated. The driver and the Limousine Proprietor  are given hefty fines.  The authorities  attempt to have the confiscated vehicle replaced with a similar Limousine from a totally different limousine company.  Now, all the work that went into finding that very special limousine just left the room.  There is no guarantee that your children will like their replacement limo (if they’re even lucky enough to get one).  My advice in this matter is to discuss illegal drinking (as I am sure their respective school officials have also done) with your children, well before prom night and hope for the best.  Some children seem to think that drinking during prom night is a right of passage.  The cat and mouse game that is played out on prom night is something, we as limousine operators are fully experienced at. They hide it, we find it, we confiscate it. Some limousine companies have a forfeiture clause in their contract. If alcohol is found in the limousine at any time, the children loose their ride right on the spot and there are no refunds, case closed.  I have to admit sometimes the children do get creative and some alcohol does get past us. We try our best to stop it, as I am sure parents and school officials do as well. We congratulate the prom children, their parents and school officials for making this very special day a safe one.  Let us all work together to have a safe prom night. Five Towns Limousines will do their best to make it so.