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Reserve a Party Bus in New York City During Christmas Vacation

November 24, 2009

You are going to visit the Big Apple for your Christmas vacation because that is on your bucket list, but you don’t want to live through paying high taxi fares and sitting in crowded buses. A bus is better than a taxi because you don’t have to pay high fares or have to worry about bad customer service; however, you do have to worry about lost or stolen luggage, safety, and crowds of people.

Sigh… it would be great to rent your own bus, your own party bus in New York City. Well, it is great and it is affordable to thanks to Five Towns Limousine.

You can ride in style and comfort in this company’s party bus while touring New York city. The party bus comes equipped with:

  • 50 passengers seating
  • 60 medium piece luggage capacity
  • Ice bins, glasses and flutes
  • CD sound system, TV & DVD
  • Full working bar
  • Granite flooring
  • Restroom
  • Vertical safety pole

If you rent a party bus in New York city from Five Towns Limo your vacation will begin as soon as you step on the bus.


Think Pink When Reserving a Limo Service in New York

November 20, 2009



Think Pink when selecting a limo in New York

You know you want a limo service in New York that offers superb customer service at an excellent price, because you want to be able to experience all of the magnificent sites of the Big Apple or you just want to be able to afford that beautiful wedding or other special occasion.  When you are thinking about reserving a limo service in New York, remember to “Think Pink.”

What is “thinking pink”? Many of Five Towns Limo’s clients could answer that question with big smiles on their faces because they were satisfied after using our unique pink Hummer for their limo service in New York. Our clients have reserved the ever popular pink Hummer limo not only for tours of New York, but also for other special moments in their lives such as celebrating beating Cancer. Our pink Hummer has also been reserved for the sad moments in people’s lives, such as remembering a beloved family member’s funeral.

If you Think Pink is not your color because you are a man, you should know that CEOs of well-known women’s lingerie companies have rented the pink Hummer as their limo service in New York.

Are you still Thinking Pink? Good, because when you rent the pink Hummer limo you will be treated like royalty at affordable prices to make your special occasion unforgettable.



7 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Limo on Staten Island

November 13, 2009

Rent a limo on Staten Island and see all the best sites.

Some people only go to Staten Island because of its excellent pizza parlors, but Staten Island offers tourists the Staten Island Mall, parks, haunted houses, museums, the 16th century Richmond Town and more.

So there are many reasons to visit Staten Island including these 7 reasons why you should rent a limo on Staten Island:

1. You don’t have to worry about renting high-priced taxis and car rentals and buying expensive gas
2. You don’t have to worry about driving, giving you the chance to take in the beautiful sites of Staten Island
3. The driver, who is already familiar with Staten Island, can show you the best that Staten Island has to offer
4. You won’t get lost
5. You can set up pickup and drop of times at popular tourist attractions at your convenience
6. If you expect to do a lot of shopping, a limo can save you money and grant you luggage space for your purchases
7. You can travel with all of your family and friends in one limo, allowing all of you to enjoy the attractions of Staten Island together

Five Towns Limousine offers great deals on renting a limo on Staten Island. Its professional drivers will show you the best of Staten Island.