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Pink limousines for the holidays

December 9, 2017

Treat yourself to a NYC holiday light show tour in a Pink Hummer or Escalade from Five Towns Limousines. You’ve sent out your holiday greeting cards, presents are wrapped, lights on and around your house are ablaze.  Dinner invitations are sent and your awaiting RSVP.  Children are anticipating the arrival of ST Nick. Don’t forget to leave some milk and cookie.  Time and effort abound with arranging for that special day for you and the children.  Take a moment and treat yourself and your loved ones to something special during this festive time of year.  A Pink Limousine NYC Tour, will be a memorable event that will last forever.


Business Travel Doesn’t Have to Mean Inconvenience… Especially in NYC & Long Island

October 25, 2011

You’ve booked your flights and hotels well in advance for your next business trip, but the thought of ground travel upon arrival seems more troublesome than it’s worth. While renting a car might seem like a good idea, hotels often charge for overnight parking. If you’re traveling to a large city, in-town parking fees can add up, as well. Cabs seem like viable solutions, but their tardiness is something that you can’t deal with when working on a strict schedules. Remove any out-of-town traveling doubts you may have with our NYC corporate limousine rental, providing you comfortable and reliable transportation when you need it most.

Contact our Long Island limousine company for business that will happily pick you up from the airport. Start your trip right and let the driver worry about your transportation requirements. He or she knows the city better than you do, so provide an itinerary for your entire trip. Besides your important business meetings, ask the driver for advice on local restaurants and entertainment options during your stay .

Travel in style and arrive on time to your destinations. If you’re in a hurry, you don’t have to find parking spaces and navigate through unfamiliar territories. Leave your traveling requirements to a professional while you enjoy your comfortable ride.

Host your business meetings inside your private limousine. Who says you need to rent out a conference room in a hotel in order to meet with your clients or partners? Handle business quickly in the convenient open space of the limousine’s rear passenger area. Sometimes business on-the-go is better suited for everyone’s needs, therefore your limousine rental for New York City or Long Island NY provides a timely solution.