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Why Choose a Limousine for Your Next Casino Adventure

October 17, 2012

Harrah'sAre you looking forward to visiting some of the best casinos in the New York area? Casinos are really fun, but the ride to the destination may not be. Well, it doesn’t have to be boring. Opt to ride in style and have fun on your casino tour, from the moment you leave your destination. How? With casino tours available at Five Towns Limousine.

Why take a limousine casino tour?
The main reason to visit a casino is to relax and have fun. Well how will you relax, if you have to drive to the casino? Rent a limousine to take you on a casino tour and eliminate the stresses of driving. You can choose between a variety of stretch limousines and a party bus. Five Towns Limousine offers a Cadillac Escalade, in white or hot pink; a Hummer H2, in yellow, white or pink; a black or white Chrysler 300c and Luxury Lincoln Town cars, in black, white or silver. These limousines are stocked with elegant bars, have cabin partitions and DVD, TV and CD systems, so you can really relax and enjoy the ride.

Atlantic City Casino Tour
Atlantic City is a perfect destination for a fun trip to a casino. Atlantic City has over 33 million visitors a year and 12 different casinos that are opened 24/7 . The trip from NYC to Atlantic City takes 2 hours and 45 minutes, so spend that time really relaxing in your limousine. Atlantic City has great sandy beaches, some of the best entertainers, golf courses, great restaurants and even more. Visit Atlantic City and have fun!

Foxwoods Resort Casino
If you decide to go on a casino tour to Foxwoods Resort Casino, you will not make a mistake. Foxwoods has a certain magic about it. Everyone who has visited it, fell in love. Foxwoods offers great entertainers, the newest slots, amazing tables, and great places to dine. Don’t miss out on this great offer; take a tour with our limos to Foxwoods Resort Casino.

Mohegan Sun Casinos
This is a place that will leave you speechless. Visit Mohegan Sun Casinos and enjoy everything it has to offer: 180 gambling tables, 3000 slot machines, high stakes bingo, amazing luxury restaurants and even more.

Don’t wait any longer. You deserve the best vacation ever. Call for a free quote, then rent a Casino Tour Limousine from Five Towns Limousine and take everything that life gives you.